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Salah Hammad

Born in Jordan but raised in Seattle, Salah has always been a huge proponent of championing diversity through education. He holds both a BA in Marketing from Seattle University and a MS in Digital Media Marketing from Gonzaga. During his time there, Salah focused his research on relationship marketing and its influence on consumer purchase decisions. Prior the Non-GMO Project, Salah had worked in the automotive remarketing industry for five years, where he had specialized in B2B marketing. Duri... Read more

Nathanael Elongo

I moved to the United States in 2010, landed in the Pacific Northwest, and fell in love with the beautiful outdoor/indoor activities it has to offer. I am a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a BA in Human Resource Management and a minor in Economics. I am very passionate about advocating for Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, and discussions and strive to apply that in both my professional and personal life.  Prior to joining the Non-GMO Project, I worked as... Read more

Cameron Kinsey

Growing up in Texas, Cameron developed a passion for conscious consumerism and the environment at a young age. To pursue this interest, she moved up to Seattle from Houston to work toward a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Washington. During her college years she worked with a company that used technologies such as blockchain to create more transparent and sustainable supply chains. This greatly contributed to her interest in how businesses can support sustainable living and ... Read more

Mckenna Norland

Mckenna grew up in eastern Washington, in a small town known for its apples. In search of evergreens and the ocean, she moved to Bellingham to study at Western Washington University. Her interest in non-gmo, local, and organic food stems from her passion for wellness. While studying bio-cultural diversity in Nepal, she became interested in understanding cultural differences in wellness practices, and local food sources, and how to preserve those differences to allow people to thrive in their u... Read more

Shruti Kapoor

Growing up as a global nomad, Shruti's had an interest in mission-driven organizations. While in grad school, the clean label movement sparked Shruti's curiosity to study the shift in purchase behavior as consumers demand cleaner and transparent ingredients without compromising on quality and nutritional benefits. Through this, Shruti soon found her way to the Non-GMO Project. In her role as a Digital Media Strategist, Shruti is looking forward to leveraging digital best practices to help dri... Read more

Obi Iwobi

Growing up in the hills and forests of upstate NY I had a love for the outdoors from a young age.  Curiosity, and a need to see more of the world brought me to the Pacific Northwest and lovely Bellingham.  A lifelong snow lover, I was blown away by the mountains and spent the next decade at Mt. Baker Ski area working on my goggle tan.  I studied Environmental Policy at Western Washington University eager to join the effort to preserve the fragile ecosystems that have brought me so much joy. ... Read more

James Lovold

Born in the Puget Sound to a family of Scandinavian fishermen and foodies, James has an inherent, deep-seated passion for all things food and the land that provides it. At the surface, his educational path has led him to explore other avenues, from a BSc. in Finance from BI University in Oslo to an MSc. in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Nevertheless, his professional and personal experiences have remained rooted in the food space, ... Read more

Treaneva Beechly

Treaneva spent her childhood exploring the wildlands of the South Coast of Oregon, helping her family to build a homestead in pursuit of off-grid living, and wandering the woods and oceans in search of fresh oysters and chanterelles. Living in an environment where most food was sourced locally, if not in her family's own garden, it was evident that the interconnectedness of soil and table represented a delicate balance. While studying Social Justice and Cultures at Seattle Pacific University ... Read more

Sam McKee

Sam is very excited to join the Non-GMO Project as part of the business development team. Sam grew up on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest where he had a direct connection to the food that he ate. This sparked his interest in food systems, which only continued to grow as he spent more time working in agriculture. Sam recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Business and Marketing. He wants to utilize his skills in sales and marketing coupled with his passio... Read more

Marlo Mudd

With an academic background in English and a deep appreciation for the natural world, Marlo is passionate about using written language as a tool for truth-saying and advocacy for environmental causes and the natural world. Marlo believes that language and the arts can be used as tools to repair humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and that the natural world can inspire language and the arts: a symbiotic relationship she sees as central to what it means to be human. She came to the N... Read more

Kimberly Nelson

Born and raised in Texas, where the summers are hot and the nights flicker with fire-flies, Kimberly was often drawn outdoors — riding around the local lake with her grandparents, camping with her family, and slurping melting ice-cream cones on the porch. From an early age, the outdoor world inspired calm, connection, and a reverence for life. Kimberly has gone on to acquire degrees in environmental science and early childhood education as well as spearhead the advancement of outdoor early chi... Read more

Nichole Oleson

Nikki’s appreciation for local, organic, and non-GMO food started in her own backyard at her childhood home on the Olympic Peninsula and has become a lifelong passion. With a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Washington University, Nikki spent the first decade of her career working in the health and wellness industry. During that time she owned and operated a therapeutic massage therapy business, and was the Director of Operations at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. While there ... Read more

Randall Coleman

Randall Coleman has more than 6 years of program and data management experience in the certification industry including LEED®, ENERGYSTAR®, ISO 17024, ISO 14000 series, and most recently at the Non-GMO Project. He is passionate about helping environmental and social organizations make better decisions using data, and is particularly interested in addressing the food system. Prior to joining the Non-GMO Project, he consulted for various non-profit, for-profit, and intergovernmental organization... Read more

Erin Auld

Erin is a California native whose love of the outdoors brought her to the Pacific Northwest. Erin is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Communication and a minor in American History. She also holds a Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School. Erin is passionate about providing consumers with the information necessary to make informed choices about the products they purchase. Prior to joining the Non-GMO Project, Erin worked in legal clearance at a major television studio in Los Angel... Read more

Karen Reich

Karen grew up in the rainy suburbs of Vancouver, BC.  She studied politics and crime at Simon Fraser University, where she served as a student representative on the University Senate and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.  After moving around British Columbia and exploring a variety of career fields, including poverty law advocacy, marketing, and volunteer coordination, Karen landed in Bellingham at a private law firm, where she worked as a paralegal before joining the Project. Karen tr... Read more

Kathy Weinkle

Kathy is thrilled to join the Non-GMO project as the Operations Manager. Her experience with coaching, education and business management meshed with a deep passion for healthy food brought her to the Project. Before heading to the Pacific Northwest in 1993, Kathy lived in Boston where she worked for an educational non-profit and earned her M.Ed. in college counseling. A longing to be closer to the mountains and water, drew Kathy to Seattle and eventually Bellingham. Kathy has spent much her w... Read more