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Lindsey Wolterstorff

Business Development Analyst

With a passion for all things food related, Lindsey brings a decade of experience in the restaurant and grocery industries to her role as Business Development Analyst. After spending years managing a neighborhood cafe in Minneapolis, MN, Lindsey decided it was time to make cooking her full-time hobby and pursue a new career path. While finishing her B.S. in Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, she got a part-time job stocking produce at her neighborhood co-op and there began the next chapter. Immediately entranced by the grocery and produce industries, she spent the next 5 years between two different co-ops in the Twin Cities managing produce departments and developing a love for locally grown, seasonal produce and the people who make it possible. Her position with the Non-GMO Project allows the opportunity to bring her industry knowledge and passion along with proven relationship building skills to a new role while still working with those in the industry she loves.

Born and raised in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, being near water has always been an essential part of life, and a move halfway across the country to the Pacific Northwest has opened the doors to new water adventures along the coast and in mountain lakes. Lindsey can often be found picking berries, clamming, and perusing produce at the many local farm stands and markets. 

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