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Kimberly Nelson

Operations Assistant

Born and raised in Texas, where the summers are hot and the nights flicker with fire-flies, Kimberly was often drawn outdoors — riding around the local lake with her grandparents, camping with her family, and slurping melting ice-cream cones on the porch. From an early age, the outdoor world inspired calm, connection, and a reverence for life. Kimberly has gone on to acquire degrees in environmental science and early childhood education as well as spearhead the advancement of outdoor early childhood learning opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.

Committed to continuing to promote ecological literacy in children and adults alike, Kimberly is thrilled to be a part of the Non-GMO Project team! Kimberly brings strong leadership skills, nonprofit board experience, and an education-based project management perspective to her position of Operations Assistant.

In her free time, Kimberly is often found camping with friends and family, working through a crossword book, baking new cookie recipes, or relaxing with a movie alongside her partner, Eric and their cat, Mutzu

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