Kelley van Hees

Standards and Guidance Coordinator

Kelley van Hees holds an MS in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California State University. She gained experience with standards and verification while conducting species assessments for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Redlist of Threatened Species, and is keen to work with the Standard at the Non-GMO Project.

Kelley studied environmental toxicology in marine ecosystems for her Masters research, and is interested in sources of environmental contamination and strategies to mitigate them, such as reducing pesticide use in agriculture.  She recently worked in scientific education and outreach while living in Western Australia, and feels strongly about the importance of bridging the gap between science and the public in the US.  She is excited to be part of an organization that connects people to their food choices.

Kelley grew up in the high desert of Reno, NV, but fell in love with Bellingham and the cool rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest as an undergraduate at Western Washington University.  Outside of work she is quite happy hiking in the North Cascades and skiing at Mt. Baker with her husband, Dan.