Courtney Pineau

Associate Director

My passion for food, sustainability, and community outreach began in earnest in my teenage years and has not waned since. For several years, I worked as a health educator before moving into the natural foods industry, where I worked in marketing and sales for several large natural foods companies. It was through this work that I learned the market can be a powerful vehicle for change.

I have a strong interest in developing a more sustainable food system. This has led me to volunteer on farms, study models of fair trade at home and abroad and to homestead my own small piece of land on Lake Whatcom in Bellingham, WA. In 2009, I graduated from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute with an MBA in Sustainable Business, with a focus on food systems. Understanding the complexity of our food system creates a foundation for understanding many of the issues pertaining to GMOs in our food supply.

It is important to me that my work with the Non-GMO Project support outreach activities that are open, honest and inclusive. It is also important to me that we welcome all stakeholders, no matter what their viewpoint, to the conversation about GMOs: farmers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers. From a broader perspective, I am committed to ensuring that my work contributes to a future where consumers can make informed food choices, and where all people have access to healthy and safe foods.