Adrienne Schofhauser

Communications Manager

Adrienne has spent more than a decade connecting people to stories that inspire us. Her love and respect for the natural world led her to the Non-GMO Project, where she’s proud to communicate the value of a transparent food system and farming practices that promote a healthier planet, social equity and biodiversity.

Adrienne began her career as a magazine editor in Seattle. Since then, she’s served as a copywriter, content strategist and communications specialist, helping world-class brands tell their stories on the global stage. She’s written about advancements in global health, the wonders of microorganisms, human exploration and environmental sustainability.

As a child, Adrienne watched her parents tend to their compost piles and care for their orchards and vegetable gardens. These early experiences instilled in her a deep appreciation for how natural food creates healthy people and habitats. Later, as she followed her passion for adventure into the mountains, she recognized the critical need for stewardship of all ecological systems. Today, she believes food is our most intimate connection to nature.

From her sylvan nook in Bellingham, Adrienne enjoys championing our right to know how our food is grown, and spends her weekends traversing the North Cascades by mountain bike, splitboard and boot stomp.