Non-GMO Month Registration

Register for Non-GMO Month below for access to a free, turnkey program designed to help your business stand out as a community leader in GMO avoidance and drive sales and awareness around Non-GMO Project Verified products. We’ll provide you with resources to make the most of your participation and you’ll receive these tools, simply for signing up.

  • FREE Non-GMO Month 2017 Basic Display package
  • Training tools to help your team address shopper questions
  • Social media templates to help you reach your broader community
  • Promotional pricing and endcap planograms for Non-GMO Project Verified products, coordinated with UNFI and KeHE
  • Themed collateral, digital infographics and access to low-cost merchandising materials
  • Our Non-GMO Project Verified product code spreadsheet, containing UPC data and packaging specs for more than 43,000 verified products
  • Public listings on our websites and popular shopping app
  • And much more!

Protecting consumer choice and a non-GMO food supply requires a multi-faceted approach and lots of teamwork. Together, we have the power to create a food system that values non-GMO food.  Register for free below: 

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