Non-GMO Month

Join the thousands of retailers who celebrate Non-GMO Month every October

Non-GMO Project's Non-GMO Month 2018

Non-GMO Month in October raises consumer awareness about the GMO issue and supports the brands and retailers that have made a non-GMO commitment. During Non-GMO Month retailers focus on promoting the non-GMO message through meaningful and targeted merchandising, education, and events.

Annually, participating retailers experience a 10-12 percent increase in sales of Verified products.
In 2016, our retailers enjoyed a 17 percent lift in Verified product sales throughout Non-GMO Month.

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This year more than 14,000 stores Canada and the United States are celebrating Non-GMO Month. Join us!

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“Non-GMO Month is an excellent opportunity to educate and energize customers about choosing non-GMO verified products. Our customers were very excited to see all of the verified products available to them. Our events and promotions drove both sales and important dialogue around the threat of Genetically Modified foods. From shelf tags, posters and brochures to staff training materials, the project made it so easy to roll-out our celebrations.”

–  Maureen Kirkpatrick, Non-GMO Project Standards Coordinator & Member of The Big Carrot Natural Foods Market