Registered Retailer Program

Wondering how your non-GMO commitment can increase your store visibility in 2018? Enroll as a Registered Retailer to take advantage of powerful tools designed to support your allegiance to GMO transparency.

Upon registration, you’ll receive monthly newsletters to keep you current on the changing landscape of GMOs and a password to access our dedicated Retailer Portal, where you’ll find everything you need to promote your messaging. Enrollment is FREE!

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Registered Retailer Benefits 
Promotion of your Registered Retailer status:

Access to our dedicated Retailer Portal:

  • Outreach materials, updates, and other resources 
  • Verified product code spreadsheet with comprehensive UPC data
Outreach tools:

  • Non-GMO Project Verified mark for your digital and print advertising,
  • Retailer Shopify platform to purchase low-cost merchandising materials
  • Shareable content for social media and press 
Educational resources:

  • Training webinars to help your teams engage with customers
  • Monthly newsletters with updates on the non-GMO movement
Event support:

  • Automatic registration for Non-GMO Month
  • Complimentary Non-GMO Month Basic Display Package mailed to each registered location (by request)
  • Non-GMO Challenge Toolkit 
Registration Fee: FREE
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