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The products listed below have been evaluated by a third-party technical administrator and meet the Non-GMO Project’s Standard for GMO avoidance. Due to production schedules and inventory back stock, there may be product in circulation that has been produced prior to a product achieving verification. Please look for the Non-GMO Project seal on packaging to ensure that the product you are purchasing is Non-GMO Project Verified.

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The Toasted Oat (4 products)
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Apricot Shortbread Soft Granola
Blueberry Cobbler Soft Granola
Cherry Streusel Soft Granola
Macadamia Chunk Soft Granola
The Vine (9 products)
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Butternut Squash
Calabrian Style Spicy Marinara
Chunky Style Spicy Salsa
Original Marinara
Salsa Black Bean Mango
Salsa Mango Habanero Spicy
Salsa Smooth Style Mild
Simply Marinara
Vegan (no cheese) Marinara
The Whole Earth (3 products)
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Crunch Stix Rolled Tortilla Chips
Nutibles Puffs
Organic Kettle Corn
The Zen of Slow Cooking (6 products)
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Coq Au Vin Slow Cooker Spice Blend
Daube Provençale Slow Cooker Spice Blend
Indian Dal Slow Cooker Spice Blend
Mediterranean Slow Cooker Spice Blend
Smoky BBQ Slow Cooker Spice Blend
Southwest Fiesta Slow Cooker Spice Blend
TheBu Kombucha (8 products)
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Organic Chai Spice Kombucha
Organic Ginger Peach Kombucha
Organic Honeydew Kombucha
Organic Lavender Kombucha
Organic Lemon Guayusa Kombucha
Organic Strawberry Kombucha
Organic Tangerine Kombucha
Organic Tropical Kombucha
Theo Chocolate (38 products)
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70% Dark Chocolate
70% Dark Chocolate For Baking
85% Dark Chocolate
85% Dark Chocolate For Baking
Almond Coconut 65% Dark Chocolate
Cherry Almond 70% Dark Chocolate
Chili 70% Dark Chocolate
Chipotle Spice Drinking Chocolate
Chocolate Sauce
Cocoa Nibs
Cocoa Powder
Coconut 70% Dark Chocolate
Cranberry Orange 55% Dark Chocolate
Drinking Chocolate 55% Dark Chocolate
Ginger 70% Dark Chocolate
Kids' Crunch Almond 55% Dark Chocolate
Kids' Crunch Raspberry 55% Dark Chocolate
Mint 70% Dark Chocolate
Nutcracker Brittle 65% Dark Chocolate
Nutcracker Brittle 70% Dark Chocolate
Orange 70% Dark Chocolate
Organic Apple Crisp Chocolate Clusters
Organic Black Rice Quinoa Crunch 85% Dark
Organic Coconut Turmeric Chocolate Clusters
Organic Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup 85% Dark Chocolate
Organic Lemon Hemp Chocolate Clusters
Organic Peanut Butter & Jelly Chocolate Clusters
Organic Salted Almond Butter Cups
Organic Salted Almond Chocolate Clusters
Organic Turmeric Spice 70% Dark Chocolate
Peanut Butter Cups Dark Chocolate
Peppermint Chocolate Clusters
Peppermint Stick 70% Dark Chocolate
Quinoa Coconut 75% Dark Super Chocolate
Raspberry 70% Dark Chocolate
Salted Almond 70% Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate
thinkThin (21 products)
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Gluten Free Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Madagascar Vanilla, Almonds, Pecans
High Protein Bar Sea Salt Almond Chocolate
High Protein Bars Chocolate Mint
Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie Mix
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Apple Spice
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Banana Bread
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Farmer's Market Berry Crumble
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Honey Peanut Butter
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Island Coconut
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Madagascar Vanilla, Almonds, Pecans
Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Original Sprouted Grains
Protein & Probiotics Plant Belgian Chocolate
Protein & Probiotics Plant Madagascar Vanilla Bean
Protein & Superfruit Lemon Cranberry Chia Bars
Protein Nut Bar Chocolate Coconut Almond
Protein Nut Bar Dark Chocolate
Protein Nut Bar Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel
Protein Nut Bar Original Roasted Almond
Protein Nut Bar White Chocolate
Protein Nut Bites Dark Chocolate
Protein Nut Bites White Chocolate
Third St (23 products)
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Decaffeinated Chai Red Tea Latte
Dragon Tongue Ginger Chai
Festivus Chai Cocoa
Festivus Chai Spicy Chai Nog
Festivus Chai Spicy Pumpkin
Half & Half Black Tea Lemonade Ready-To-Drink
Half & Half Green Tea Lemonade Ready-to-Drink
Hibiscus Mango Ginger Herbal Organic Iced Tea Concentrate
Honey Vanilla Spice Chai
Lemongrass Green Tea Ready-to-Drink
Mint & Honey Green Tea Ready-to-Drink
Mystic Masala Spice Chai
Organic Dragon Tongue Ginger Chai
Organic Honey Vanilla Spice Chai
Organic Mystic Masala Spice Chai
Peach Black Tea Organic Iced Tea Concentrate
Peach Black Tea Ready-To-Drink
Pomegranate Green Tea Organic Iced Tea Concentrate
Slightly Sweet Black Tea Ready-To-Drink
Slightly Sweet Green Tea Ready-To-Drink
Unsweetened Black Tea Organic Iced Tea Concentrate
Unsweetened Black Tea Ready-To-Drink
Unsweetened Green Tea Ready-To-Drink
Thirster (2 products)
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Almond Milk Sweetened Almondmilk Beverage
Unsweetened Coconutmilk
Thirsty Buddha (10 products)
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All Natural Coconut Water
All Natural Coconut Water with Aloe Vera
All Natural Coconut Water with Mango
All Natural Coconut Water with Pulp
All Natural Sparkling Coconut Water
Grapefruit Sparkling Coconut Water
Natural Coconut Water With Watermelon
Organic Coconut Water
Pineapple Sparkling Coconut Water
Watermelon Sparkling Coconut Water
This Bar Saves Lives (7 products)
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Dark Chocolate Cherry & Sea Salt Bar
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar
Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey Bar
Peanut Butter, Strawberry & Sea Salt
This Kid Saves Lives Chocolate Chip
This Kid Saves Lives Wild Berries
Wild Blueberry Pistachio Bar
Thomas Creek Farms (1 products)
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Freeze Dried Blueberries Cultivated Whole
Three Beans Coffee (3 products)
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Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee
Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee
Three Elephants (1 products)
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Jasmine Rice
Three Farmers (11 products)
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Cold Pressed Camelina Oil
Pea Pops Dill Pickle Pow
Pea Pops Lightly Salted
Pea Pops Wild Ranch
Roasted Chickpeas Balsamic & Cracked Pepper
Roasted Chickpeas Barbecue
Roasted Chickpeas Lightly Salted
Roasted Chickpeas Maple Frosted
Roasted Chickpeas Sea Salt & Lime
Roasted Garlic & Chili Infused Camelina Oil
Roasted Onion & Basil Infused Camelina Oil
Three Trees (3 products)
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Organic Almondmilk - Unsweetened Original
Organic Almondmilk - Unsweetened Vanilla
Organic Cold Brew Coffee Almondmilk
ThreeWorks Apple Chips (9 products)
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Apple Chips Bananarama
Apple Chips Berry Berry
Apple Chips Cherry Love
Apple Chips Hot For Caramel
Apple Chips Hot For Chocolate
Apple Chips Mucho Mango
Apple Chips Pinch-O-Cinnamon
Apple Chips So Original
Apple Chips Str-Awesome-Berry
Thrive Market (30 products)
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GF Cassava Flour
GF Hazelnut Meal
GF Xanthan Gum
Matcha Organic Tea - Ceremonial Grade
Matcha Organic Tea - Culinary Grade
Org, GF Amaranth Flour
Org, GF Oat Flour
Org, GF Quinoa Flour
Organic 8 Piece Cut-Up Chicken
Organic All-Purpose Flour
Organic Bone-In Chicken Thighs
Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Organic Chicken Tenders
Organic Dijon Mustard
Organic GF Almond Flour
Organic GF Arrowroot Powder
Organic GF Baking Powder
Organic GF Baking Soda
Organic GF Corn Starch
Organic GF Paleo Flour
Organic GF Paleo Pizza Crust Mix
Organic GF Rolled Oats
Organic Gluten Free Tapioca Flour
Organic Seaweed Snacks - Sea Salt
Organic Stone Ground Mustard
Organic Yellow Mustard
PV, Org, GF Sorghum Flour
Thunder (7 products)
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Green Bell Pepper/Poivrons
Red Bell Pepper/Poivrons Range
Seedless English Cucumber
Slicer Cucumber
Tomato Ball
Tomato Saladette
Thunderbird Real Food Bars (7 products)
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Almond Apricot Vanilla Real Food Bar
Cacao + Hemp + Walnut Real Food Bar
Cashew Fig Carrot Real Food Bar
Cherry + Walnut + Cinnamon Real Food Bar
Hazelnut + Coffee + Maca Real Food Bar
Hemp + Sunflower + Pumpkin Seed Real Food Bar
Pecans + Goji + Pistachios Real Food Bar
ThunderKids Real Food Bars (0 products)
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TIC Gums (5 products)
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Pre-Hydrated Ticaxan Xanthan EC NGMO
Ticagel® Gellan DP NGMO
Ticagel® Gellan HS NGMO
Ticaxan Xanthan 200 EC NGMO
Ticaxan Xanthan EC NGMO
Tiesta Tea (51 products)
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Berry Pear-adise
Black Thai Tropical
Blueberry Wild Child
Chai Love
Chinese Gunpowder
Chinese Jasmine
Chocolate Ginger Turmeric
Chunky Watermelon
Citrus Cinnamonium
Citrus Detox
Citrus Midnight
Citrus Sunburst
Cocoa Chili Pumpkin
Cocoa Mint Chill
Cold Brew Tea - Black Thai Tropical
Cold Brew Tea - Blueberry Wild Child
Cold Brew Tea - Lavender Chamomile
Cold Brew Tea - Lean Green Machine
Cold Brew Tea - Maui Mango
Copacabana Maté
Crème au Chocolat
Earl Grey de la Creme
Fireside Spice
Fruity Pebbles
Ginger Sweet Peach
Gojiberry Superfruit
Key Largo Lime
Kiwi Cherry Bonanza
Lavender Chamomile
Lean Green Machine
Mango Dreamzzz
Matcha Tea Powder
Maui Mango
Mojito Turndown
Naughty Or Anise
Nutty Almond Cream
Palm Beach Punch
Passion Berry Jolt
Peachy Keen
Pineapple Blues
Rooibos Limon
Royal Breakfast
Sexy Hot Christmas Tea
Tahitian Vanilla Cranberry Vanilla Fruit Tea
Tasmanian Herbs & Matcha
Thin Mint Trim
Victorian Earl Grey
Watermelon Mint Moringa
Yerba Mate Power
Tilda (15 products)
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Brown Basmati & Quinoa With Pumpkin And Sunflower Seeds Steamed Wholegrain Basmati Rice
Coconut, Chili & Lemongrass Steamed Basmati Rice
Firecracker Hot Spicy Rice
Grand Extra Long Basmati Rice
Lemon & Herb Steamed Basmati Rice
Pure Original Basmati
Pure Steamed Basmati Rice
Steamed Coconut Basmati Rice
Steamed Lime & Cilantro Basmati Rice
Steamed Mexican Style Chili & Bean Basmati Rice
Steamed Mushroom Basmati Rice
Steamed Pilau Basmati Rice
Steamed Wholegrain Brown Basmati & Quinoa
Wholegrain Basmati
Wholegrain Steamed Basmati Rice
Tillen Farms (13 products)
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Bada Bing Maraschino Cherries With Stems
Classic Asparagus Spicy
Dilly Beans - Mild Exceptionally Crisp
Fire & Spiced Maraschino Cherries
Garlic Jalapeno Olives In Vermouth
Lemon Twist Olives
Merry Maraschino Cherries
Pickled Baby Cucumbers
Pickled Classic Asparagus Mild
Pickled Crunchy Carrots
Pickled Dilly Beans Spicy
Rainier Reserve Cherries
Sugar Snap Peas - Spicy Exceptionally Crisp
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(Showing 3,526 to 3,550 of 3,951)