Congratulations to our Non-GMO Holiday Dreambox Winners!

Happy Holidays to our Non-GMO Project community!

We are excited to announce the winners of our Non-GMO Holiday Dreamboxes: Linda Goodale and Valentina Thompson!

In her entry Linda Goodale shared, “I have purchased an organic turkey and will be eating salad and greens from my garden and potatoes and sweet potatoes from the Farmers Market.  For desert we are having a pecan pie from our pecan trees and lemon bars from my lemon tree.  I will be purchasing organic butter, milk as well as other ingredients for a wonderful non GMO Christmas meal.  I am shopping locally at the farmers markets and small mom and pop stores, even Estate sales and Thrift stores for holiday gifts.  No BIG BOX stores this year.  I would love to win the Dreambox.”

Valentina Thompson was also planning to cook an amazing meal. She said, “My husband and I are organic farmers so we plan to have a delicious homegrown and home cooked dinner and invite our friends And family over to help enjoy it with us! My favorite things to make are seminole pumpkin (it’s a small sweet round squash native to florida, our home state) filled with quinoa, mushrooms, onions, herbs, garlic,  and home made cane syrup And baked to perfection, you also can’t go wrong with roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil when they’re in season! We make organic egg nog around here so it doesn’t get much more festive than that! We also like to attend church together and give thanks for all we are given year round by the creator of this amazing and fruitful planet. To win this would be a Christmas wish come true!! Joy to the world!

Thank you to the 500 people that submitted entries for the Giveaway! Happy Holidays from the Non-GMO Project team.