Welcome, Nikki!

Nikki Oleson, Non-GMO ProjectThe Non-GMO Project welcomes Nikki Oleson to the team as the Executive Coordinator, where she will offer behind-the-scenes, comprehensive support to the Executive Director and subsequently, the Board of Directors, various sub-committees and Non-GMO Project staff. In order to support efficiencies within the demanding schedule of the Project’s director, Nikki is tasked with the implementation of organizational structures that support effectiveness and productivity.

Nikki joins the Non-GMO Project team after serving as the director of an international massage school, where she fine-tuned her administrative skill set in a fast paced, multidimensional and demanding setting. She provides a driven and innovative perspective of organizational structure during this time of rapid expansion and growth at the Non-GMO Project. As demand for the “The Butterfly” continues to grow and the Project remains at the forefront of non-GMO verification, Nikki commits to working diligently to support the ongoing success of the mission of the Non-GMO Project.


What interests you about working with the Non-GMO Project – what about this opportunity caught your attention?

Having spent much of the last few years abroad, I was elated to come back to the states and see the expanded presence of the iconic Non-GMO Project butterfly lining the shelves of some of my favorite local, natural food stores. When I discovered that there was an opportunity to support the efforts of the Project, I immediately felt drawn to support a cause I have always believed in—sustainability of our diverse ecosystems and accessibility to non-GMO and organic food sources. The Non-GMO Project’s capacity to facilitate consumer demand into such a substantial shift within the food industry is an accomplishment I admire and find deeply motivating.  

How do you think your prior experience will help you in working with the Non-GMO project? 

Prior to my work at the Non-GMO Project, I was the Director of Operations at an international massage therapy school. During that time I learned the value of strategic efficiencies and intentional organizational policies. I learned that an organization puts its best foot forward when its members have support systems in place that encourage creativity, productivity, efficiency and solution-oriented outcomes.

What is important to you about the work you will be doing with the Project?

To me, knowing my day-to-day work will support the continued success of an organization that guarantees the availability of non-GMO food is one of the most exciting and important professional capacities I have had the opportunity to fulfill. As a health care provider, I am overwhelmed by the epic proportion of food related illnesses and questionable regulation of our nation’s food supply. For this reason, I believe it is imperative that a third party, non-government organization exists in order to provide transparency of where and how our food is sourced, grown and manufactured I feel incredibly fortunate to join the efforts to help preserve the simple and inherent value of unaltered food not only for the benefit of our global community, but also for the generations to come.