Welcome, Matt!

We are excited to have Matt join the Non-GMO Project as Quality Assurance Coordinator!

Originally from Houston, Texas, Matt studied communication at Texas A&M University. After spending some time working for a startup in Austin, he packed up his car and followed the road west to a family-owned organic cattle ranch in northeast California. As a ranch hand, Matt was exposed to holistic and responsible ranching practices which ensured the well being of the animals as well as the health of the land for future generations. Matt joined the Project shortly after relocating to Bellingham. He’s interested in sustainable food systems, supporting small and local businesses, gaining new perspectives from others, and aviation.

Outside of the 9-5, you can find him getting lost on trails (very unintentionally), playing a variety of team sports, running along the bay, and eating enough food to effectively balance out the exercise.

What interests you about working with the Non-GMO Project- what about this opportunity caught your attention?
Shortly after moving to Bellingham, I learned about the Non-GMO Project. Having just spent the past year learning more about the importance of organic and non-GMO practices as a ranch hand in northern California, I saw this as an opportunity to continue learning and contributing in an area that I’ve grown to be very interested in.
How do you think your prior experience will help you in working with the Non-GMO Project?
I spent a good portion of my career as a corporate recruiter. In that position, I was constantly thinking about how I could raise the bar of individuals I was bringing onto the team — whether that was through implementing new evaluations as part of the hiring process or reworking the interview questions. In my new position as Quality Assurance Coordinator, the idea of not only helping to maintain the Standard, but actually furthering it really energizes me. As I approach my day-to-day responsibilities, I think there will be some crossover from my previous experiences. I’m looking forward to encountering situations that will allow me to pull from my knowledge base as well as contribute fresh ideas.
What is important to you about the work you will be doing with the Project? 
Something that stood out to me about the Standards and Verification team was how closely it deals with the integrity of the mission. Having come from mission-driven work environments, I’ve always felt closely tied to the values and guiding principles that give an organization its purpose. Through all my conversations during the interview process, it was clear that the foundation of the Project is as strong as any organization I’ve been a part of. Carrying the mission of the organization forward to benefit the end consumer is a huge opportunity and what’s most important to me.