Welcome Karoline!

Karoline is excited to bring her experience teaching and love of communication and research to the Non-GMO Project to promote education and food transparency.

After receiving her M.A. in English from Western Washington University, Karoline applied her
education as an editor for pedagogy and writing journals and a teacher of English and creative writing. Before coming to the Non-GMO Project, she was a teacher and program coordinator in
Madrid, Spain.

Outside of work, Karoline enjoys being outside in the Pacific Northwest and visiting museums, and
she continues to publish research and writing.

What interests you about working with the Non-GMO Project- what about this opportunity caught your attention?
I was drawn to the Non-GMO Project’s mission of transparency and education. All the things I enjoy
doing, like reading, teaching, and exploring, come from my desire to learn new things, think about the
world differently, and encourage others to do the same. The work of the Non-GMO Project requires
constantly learning new ways to understand agriculture, biology, communication, business and other
fields that are continuously evolving. I am excited by the opportunity to be involved in that learning and to be part of a community that allows me to connect with passionate people.

How do you think your prior experience will help you in working with the Non-GMO Project?
My prior experience as a teacher and writer helps me communicate with people every day. Last year,
working with a teaching staff to design lessons for chemistry and biology classes gave me great
experience turning complex scientific concepts into manageable information. Teaching has also helped
me understand how important it is to learn what makes people motivated and excited and connect with
them through shared interests.

What is important to you about the work you will be doing with the Project?
Any way that I can help people make choices about things that matter to them and live in a way they can
be proud of is important to me. The work I will be doing with the Project has implications for the health of ourselves and our environment, and I will always work hard to make sure that everyone has the resources available to make informed decisions that affect the things they care about.