TRUETONiQS™ is Now Certified Organic and NON-GMO Project Verified

truetoniqs_logo_rgb-black-1000pxTRUETONiQS™, in a show of their continuing commitment to providing the highest-quality liquid dietary supplement for today’s highly-informed, health-conscious consumer, is proud to showcase key certifications for its four uniquely placed products.

Each of the unique TONiQS™ are designed for people looking to address some of the most common challenges being experienced these days, without having to resort to taking lots of pills. BRAIN TONiQ™ is designed to promote healthy brain and cognitive function, FIT TONiQ™ has been created to support a healthy metabolism and weight-management, IMMUNO TONiQ™ is intended to be used to support and maintain a healthy immune system and ZEN TONiQ™ promotes a calm and relaxed feeling.

All four Toniqs have been Non-GMO Project Verified, meaning that they are produced in compliance with the rigorous Non-GMO Project Standards. “We decided to modify the original formulations because of our commitment to having all the products be organically certified and NON-GMO Product Verified without sacrificing functionality.” says CMO Janet Digiovanna.

In order to achieve that kind of “surety of purity” they had to remove certain ingredients in the original formulas. They worked with an Ayurvedic expert and took the necessary time, energy and benefit of his years of experience to develop herbal-based formulas. They prefer this botanical approach which can be very effective when drinking their products over a long period of time.

The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance. The TrueToniqs’ ingredients have been non-GMO since the reformulation and the Verified products are now produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standards.

The new certification came just in time for “Non-GMO Month” in October, where retailers across the country will be featuring Non-GMO Project Verified products in their stores.

Additionally, TRUETONiQS™ is unfailingly dedicated to all of its ingredients being certified by QAI – who has been one of the most globally respected certification organizations for decades. They are proud to have been able to achieve this challenging goal.

“We always want to provide our consumers ingredients that we can trust and verify – this is our best choice in being able to assure them safety-first.” says CMO Janet Digiovanna.

From the QAI website: “As a pioneer in the organic industry for more than 20 years, QAI is a leading advocate for certified organic production. Independent, third-party certification of organic food systems is the foundation of domestic and international organic food trade. The QAI Certification Program is designed to certify every step of the organic chain: From the land on which the product is grown; to the producers growing the product; to the post-harvest facilities preparing the product; to the processing and handling facilities transforming the product. QAI’s diligence in certification at every link in the organic production chain provides assurance to producers and consumers that the product bound for the market is indeed organic.”

TRUETONiQS™ re-launched at Natural Products Expo West 2016, offers a line of four “need-state” liquid dietary supplements unique in that they exist at the intersection of nutrition, refreshment and hydration – making it easy for people, young and old, to easily drink something delicious and thirst quenching, while receiving the benefits that they might otherwise look for from dietary supplements that they would normally take in a pill form. Their office is located in Marin County, CA.