Theo Chocolate Proudly Announces Verification by the Non-GMO Project

Seattle, WA – Theo Chocolate is pleased to announce that all of their dark chocolate sku’s have earned the verification seal of the Non-GMO Project. Theo Chocolate has always demonstrated the highest level of commitment to supply chain integrity through its organic and Fair Trade/Fair for Life certifications, and supports the important work of the Non-GMO project, a non-profit collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, farmers, seed companies, and consumers, dedicated to the shared mission of ensuring the sustained availability of non-GMO natural and organic product choices.

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified through DNA methods like gene splicing, gene modification, or transgenic technology. It is estimated that GMOs are present in more than 80 percent of packaged products in the average U.S. grocery store.

For VP of Sales and Marketing, Debra Music, verification by the Non-GMO Project was a natural next step for Theo. “At Theo, we’ve always demonstrated a total commitment to providing full transparency in the supply chain for our products to consumers. We believe it’s not only critical to protect the integrity of our food supply, but it’s also imperative we allow consumers to make educated decisions about what they are eating and what they feed their families.”

Theo Chocolate makes award winning organic and fair trade certified chocolate bars, confections, specialty and sipping chocolates from the bean in their Seattle factory. Theo products are available at natural and specialty grocers nationwide, as well as other major retailers and independent food cooperatives across the country, and at

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