The Conscious Caravan and the Non-GMO Family Awareness Campaign

All we want’s a simple label, for the food that’s on our table,” our four year old daughter belted out in the aisles of Whole Foods, on her own accord and with a smile that reaffirms why we need to keep striving to get all foods labeled and GMO’s eventually banned in the U.S. It was about a week after we finished the Right2Know March- – from New York City to Washington, DC to raise awarenessfor labeling GMO’s and we had sung that tune several times over the course of two weeks as we trekked with the marchers along the journey, carrying signs, pulling kids in wagons or on bike. We walked some days, we rode bikes other days, and we helped set up with our Eco Womb Tour Bus – – at events along the way, being there to support the marchers and the message.

We were already buying exclusively organic and Non-GMO, but after the March and after realizing the impact that genetically modified ingredients were having on our health, our soil, and the future of our food, we decided to continue marching. We think families have the right to know what’s in their food, and we are committed to preventing our children from becoming unsuspecting science experiments. That’s why we are on the road full-time connecting with families and creating change through socially and eco-conscious education.

We have a family of five, three amazing children in tow as we travel the states in the Eco Womb, teaching families about simple and sustainable living, alternative fuels, renewable energy, going zero waste, living from the heart, healthy eating and the importance of organic and Non-GMO foods. We have been educating families for a year and a half through the Eco Womb Tour and have met so many people along the way so open and yearning for connection that we expanded this year into a tribe of families on the road educating through food, family, fuel and fun!

The Conscious Caravan – – is our traveling tribe visiting communities and connecting families by hosting events and workshops to engage, educate, connect and co-create this change we are all seeking in the world for a better future for our children. We educate on the importance of buying Non-GMO foods and how to read ingredients and look for the Non-GMO Product Verification label so that families can understand what they are feeding their kids. We also offer recipes and ways to nurture your family through food with our Conscious Kitchen. We emphasize the importance of art, play and personal growth by deepening your family connections, and share how we travel on waste vegetable oil as an alternative fuel, encouraging others to seek out what fuels them. By living simply and sustainably, we show how you can create more time and space for your family, and share steps you can take to make healthy choices a priority even on a small budget and in a tough economy.

We launched the Non-GMO Family Awareness Campaign as part of The Conscious Caravan’s Educational Programs to share our commitment to supporting Non-GMO foods and farms, and help families understand the issue and importance in having safer food options. Reading labels has become second nature to our family. We eat gluten and dairy free, all organic, and Non-GMO. We read a lot of labels. Our four year old even knows that an apple with a sticker that starts with “9” means it’s organic, and can now spot the Non-GMO Project Verification label while shopping. It’s a commitment to their health, to their future, and to our future food supply. For us, it is preventative health insurance, and a more direct way to vote with our forks and our dollars. So, we have committed to continue marching and sharing this message with as many families as we can, passion driving us, our children’s health and the health of our planet leading the way.

Help us continue connecting families by supporting us on our Indiegogo Fundraiser campaign. And, receive lots of goodies from The Conscious Caravan, plus if you donate at the $35 level, $10 will go directly to the Non-GMO Project so they can continue their crucial work of labeling our foods and protecting our families. So many people that we meet on the road are opening up in this time of conscious transformation, yearning for change and connection. Help us reach them and continue to connect with families! Because really, out of the mouth of our four year old, “all we want’s a simple label, for the food that’s on our table.”

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