Take part in North America’s largest celebration of our right to choose Non-GMO

It’s finally summertime in Western Washington, and our little office is abuzz with excitement.  The  lettuce is full, the strawberries are ripening beautifully, and our work putting everything in place for Non-GMO Month 2012 is beginning in earnest.

This October, we will be celebrating our third annual Non-GMO Month. This month-long celebration plays an essential role in bringing visibility to the issue of GMOs in our food supply. In collaboration with dedicated retailers, manufacturers, and shoppers like you, we are creating a stronger market for a non-GMO food supply. This demand inspires more manufacturers to go Non-GMO, and more farmers to plant Non-GMO crops.

Want to get involved? In October 2011, over 1,000 natural foods retailers celebrated Non-GMO Month, but it didn’t stop there! Concerned individuals around the country hosted film screenings, conducted educational seminars, and worked to help promote GMO awareness in their local communities.

Ready to help make Non-GMO Month 2012 amazing?

1. Ask your local grocer to get involved. Nearly 550 retail stores are already registered to participate in this year’s event, and we’d love to support your local natural food retailer’s work getting the word out during Non-GMO Month 2012.

  • Download our one-page flyer for retailers.
  • Print and share it with your local natural foods store, or attach it to a quick email asking they get involved.
  • Not sure if there’s a natural foods store near you?  Check our listing of retailer endorsers. You can browse by state, then drop by, or email, and invite them aboard.

2. Help get more products Non-GMO Project Verified. Is there a favorite product you’re worried might have GMO ingredients?

3. Share this page with your family and friends!

  • We have high hopes are high that this year’s event will bring awareness of the issue to hundreds of thousands of people across North America.  With your support, we can bring the Non-GMO Movement to hundreds of new towns.

Note: If you are a retailer and are interested in learning more, join us at 11 AM Pacific time on July 6th, for a webinar hosted by Megan Westgate (the Non-GMO Project’s Executive Director). The webinar will provide you the tools and information you need to build sales of Non-GMO Project Verified Products and stand out as a non-GMO leader in your community.  Attendees will have first access to the online and PDF toolkits, and will get lots of helpful hints on how to leverage these resources for successful in-store events.