Press Releases

NZMP Launches its First Ingredients in North America to Meet the Non-GMO Project Standard

NZMP, Fonterra’s global dairy ingredients brand, has launched a range of dairy ingredients to help North American food and beverage manufacturers address consumer demand for food without genetically modified ingredients and information about where their food comes from. The new NZMP ingredient range meets the Non-GMO Project Standard, North America’s most trusted and recognized seal in non-GMO products. Manufacturers can use a range of NZMP ingredients for their own Non-GMO Project Standa... Read more

Truly Grass Fed™Announces Non-GMO Project Verification

Truly Grass Fed™ is a premium range of dairy ingredients from Glanbia designed for customers and consumers who are looking for the best natural choice for their brands and food products. We are on a mission to prove our natural dairy credentials by leading the journey to third party grass-fed certification. A core element of the Truly Grass Fed™ offer is non-GMO and we’re now delighted to announce that the products offered under our Truly Grass Fed™ range have been verified by the Non-GM... Read more

Captain Drake LLC, Leading Supplier of Non-GMO Ingredients, Releases Non-GMO Project Verified Malic Acid

As demand for non-GMO food increases and companies look to suppliers for answers, Captain Drake LLC delivers with its achievement of Non-GMO Project Verification for an essential food ingredient. Captain Drake LLC now supplies commercially available Non-GMO Project Verified malic acid. The new addition to its already extensive list of Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients results from the company’s commitment to help food and beverage manufacturers appease growing consumer demand for non-GMO f... Read more

Non-GMO Project responds to new IGEN Program for non-GMO labeling

NutraSource Diagnostics’ program for vitamins and supplements could mislead consumers On Monday, NutraSource Diagnostics announced a new non-GMO labeling program for vitamins and supplements. Based on testing of finished products and ingredients, the program, called IGEN, has three tiers. In the absence of a published standard the technical details are vague, but the information available seems to suggest that the IGEN Program has critical shortcomings and could potentially mislead consumer... Read more

Country Natural Beef Rancher Families Announce the Launch of Oregon Country Beef: Pacific Northwest Non-GMO Project Verified Beef

Country Natural Beef cooperative ranchers are excited to announce the launch of our Oregon Country Beef product line. Our Oregon Country Beef is fully Non-GMO Project Verified from birth. This new attribute builds upon our existing high standards: raised on family ranches belonging to our Pacific Northwest centered cooperative, a focus on environmental stewardship through our GrazeWell standards, and animal welfare standards that follow Global Animal Partnership and RaiseWell standards. ... Read more

Zellee Organic Receives Non-GMO Project Verification

Zellee Organic, a Maui-based company, announced today that its organic vegan fruit gel snacks have received non-GMO certification from the Non-GMO Project. Zellee Organic is revolutionizing the “gelatin snack” category with its line of vegan fruit gels made without gelatin, added sugar, or any of the artificial ingredients found in traditional gelatin desserts.  The Non-GMO Project verification reinforces Zellee’s commitment to clean ingredients and complements its organic, vegan, and ... Read more

Healthy Food Ingredients Gains Non-GMO Project Verification for Additional Suntava Purple Corn® Ingredients

Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) announced it has added several new products to its portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. One of HFI’s signature products, Suntava Purple Corn®, is now Non-GMO Project Verified in processed forms of flour, meal, and grits, available as both organic and non-GMO. The newly-verified purple corn ingredients add to the already-verified whole purple corn under the Suntava brand. SK Food International and Hesco/Dakota Organic Products, other brands withi... Read more

Lynden Farm Becomes One of Few in Washington State to Offer Non-GMO Project Verified Dairy

MyShan Dairy of Lynden recently received Non-GMO Project Verified status for its premium Guernsey whole milk, becoming one of the few dairy facilities in Washington State to offer a Non-GMO Project Verified product. Mylon Smith, who owns MyShan Dairy with wife Shannon, said many consumers want to avoid genetically modified ingredients in their food. However, the Smiths didn’t want to pursue organic certification because that wouldn’t allow them to treat ailing cows with antibiotics and so... Read more

RIBUS Earns Non-GMO Project Verification for Bev, Food, Pet, Supplement Ingredients

RIBUS’ Peirce presents at ExpoWest “Clean Label” seminar 3/8; exhibiting at Engredea, SCIFTS Leading ingredient supplier RIBUS, has earned Non-GMO Project Verified certification for its rice-based natural and organic alternatives to synthetic ingredients. Its products - Nu-BAKE®, Nu-FLAC®, Nu-FLOW®, and Nu-RICE®, - are widely used to replace synthetic ingredients such as silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate in the food, beverage, pet, and dietary supplements sectors. While all US ... Read more

Purely Pinole™ Power Breakfast Cereals Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Purely Pinole™, the first brand to introduce the Aztec power food pinole (pih-nol) to the U.S., is pleased to announce it has earned Non-GMO Project Verification across its entire line of delicious hot breakfast cereals. Created by the Aztecs more than 500 years ago for energy and endurance, pinole is made from a rare variety of ancient purple maize (roasted for rich, nutty flavor), chocolatey cacao, and hints of cinnamon. A nutritional powerhouse, Purely Pinole helps consumers get more out... Read more

Star Anise Foods Receives Non-GMO Project Verified Status for New Vietnamese Simmer Sauce Products

Non-GMO Project Verifies All-Natural Vietnamese Simmer Sauce with No Stabilizers, No Carrageen, No Xanthan Gum, No MSG, and No Preservatives. Star Anise Foods, a women-owned, independent company, has received Non-GMO Project Verified status for their four new Vietnamese Simmer Sauce products. Easy to make, gluten free sauces with clean ingredients… a pantry staple. No stabilizers, no thickeners, no MSG, and no preservatives. Quick meals in 8 minutes. Open jar, pour sauce in the pan, add v... Read more

Asante Mama Herbal Teas & Spices Now Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified

A one-of-a-kind African-inspired brand of herbal infusions, culinary spices, and cocoa to launch in the USA after receiving verification for over fifty products from the Non-GMO Project. Asante Mama, a Uganda brand with natural and organic herbal teas, spices and cocoa has announced today that it recently earned the Non-GMO Project Verified certification a wide range of products. Asante Mama is a brand of Sunshine Agro Products Ltd., a Ugandan Social Enterprise established in 2007. The... Read more