New GMO Alert

New GMO Alert: Molecular Farming – September, 2022

Molecular Farming: Creating Peas that are Both Plant and Animal? What is molecular farming? Technically, molecular farming is defined as the production of proteins and other metabolites that are considered valuable to medicine or industry in plants traditionally used in agriculture. Some have casually referred to molecular farming as synbio on steroids. Thus, inasmuch as synbio (i.e., precision fermentation) is the genetic modification of microorganisms to exploit them for what they do... Read more

New GMO Alert: Motif FoodWorks™ – August, 2022

A New Plant-Based Meat Analog – This Time with Synbio Bovine Blood Proteins The Non-GMO Project closely monitors all food and ingredient products made using synbio (also known as precision fermentation) and has done so for a number of years. We are now seeing these products making their way into the food supply chain. Since its introduction in 2016, the Impossible™ Burger from Impossible™ Foods has had the distinction of being the only plant-based meat analog that includes a synb... Read more

New GMO Alert: Bioceres GM HB4 Wheat Gains Traction Worldwide – July, 2022

Bioceres GM HB4 Wheat Gains Traction Worldwide Wheat is a grain fundamental to global health and food security across the world. Our breads, pastas, and other wheat-based foods take up a major portion on our plates, providing an estimated 20% of calories globally. Other principal crops such as corn and soy, which are mostly GMO, are fed to livestock -- not directly to us. Traditionally, consumer acceptance of GMO wheat has been low because we eat wheat at the dinner table. However, with ... Read more

New GMO Alert: Animal-Free Dairy Products to Watch Out For – June, 2022

Recently, animal-free dairy proteins have entered the marketplace as ingredients in a variety of food products, including milk, ice cream, and cake mix. To date, these products have featured Perfect Day’s synbio animal-free whey proteins. However, Perfect Day is not the only company developing these synbio proteins, which are produced using genetically modified microorganisms in a process often referred to as precision fermentation. It’s important to note that all products of new gen... Read more

New GMO Alert: Betterland Foods – May, 2022

Betterland Foods™ – Food that is better for whom? Animal-free food alternatives continue to enter the marketplace with great fanfare. Many of these products are created using synthetic biology, also known as synbio, a technique that involves the genetic engineering of microorganisms to create novel ingredients that an unmodified microorganism could never produce – such as dairy or whey proteins. It’s important to note that all products of new genetic engineering techniques, includ... Read more

New GMO Alert: Recombinetics Heat-Tolerant GE Cow – April, 2022

Is a GE heat-tolerant cow a good thing? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that a genetically engineered (GE) cow poses a low risk and does not raise any safety concerns, making it safe for human consumption. The angus cow (Bos taurus) has been engineered using CRISPR-Cas9 to be more heat-tolerant based on genetic differences identified in other breeds that are either naturally more heat-tolerant or have been cross-bred over time to be better able to thrive in wa... Read more

New GMO Alert: Climate Hero Super Cake Mix – March, 2022

Let them eat cake? It’s vegan— but it’s also GMO Perfect Day and its affiliate the Urgent Company are exploring new avenues for Perfect Day’s genetically  engineered (GE), animal-free dairy and whey proteins. Late last year, the Urgent Company released a new dessert under its Brave Robot brand: the Climate Hero Super Cake mix. The new offering is a vegan cake mix made with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey proteins as an egg substitute. The product is marketed to consumers... Read more

New GMO Alert: Modern Kitchen – February, 2022

More synbio GMOs hitting the grocery store courtesy of Modern Kitchen After years of development, products of synthetic biology (synbio) are now entering the marketplace. We first heard about Perfect Day’s synbio dairy proteins (made using genetically engineered microbes) when they were introduced in Brave Robot ice cream. However, ice cream was just the beginning. A range of new products created using synbio are poised to enter the marketplace at an increasing pace. The Urgent Compa... Read more

New GMO Alert: GMO-Made Egg White Proteins – December, 2021

Synbio Egg White Proteins Make Their Debut “No chicken needed.” With the help of genetic engineering, one company is making animal-free egg proteins a reality. In this case, the proteins are made through synthetic biology using genetically engineered yeast. Products of synthetic biology are considered GMOs by the Non-GMO Project Standard and, if you’ve been tracking this newsletter you’ll know, represent a new tidal wave of GMOs entering the marketplace. “World’s first animal... Read more

New GMO Alert: Plant-Based “Meat” made with GMOs – November, 2021

How was your plant-based “meat” made? More than ever, consumers are turning to plant-based meat alternatives as a way to show their solidarity with nature and their commitment to more sustainable practices. However, it’s important to note that some of these products are made with GMOs, and more are likely on the way. When ingredients are made using biotechnology, including genetically engineered microorganisms (commonly referred to  as "synbio" — short for synthetic biology), the... Read more

New GMO Alert: Spider Silk Proteins for Skin Care Products – September, 2021

Beauty is big biz. So it’s no surprise that GMOs are quickly making their way into personal care products. Using synthetic biology, companies can produce ingredients such as collagen and yes, even spider silk proteins! Here are two companies advancing the use of GMO-made spider silk proteins in body care products. Synthetic biology—which most often refers to the use of genetically engineered microbes—is defined as a GMO technique by our Standard. Bolt Threads Partners with Ginkgo Bi... Read more

New GMO Alert: Collagen from Genetically Engineered Microbes – August, 2021

If you’re one who prefers animal-free products, vegan collagen might be up your alley. But if you wish to avoid GMOs, you’ll want to stop and consider how exactly that collagen was made. If it involved synbio, it would fall squarely under the Non-GMO Project Standard’s definition of a GMO product. That’s because synbio is the genetic engineering of microorganisms. Today, we look at how synbio collagen is expanding from skin care products into food and drink. Geltor Releases Its Ne... Read more

New GMO Alert: Animal-Plant Hybrids – July, 2021

Moolec Science is Genetically Engineering Animal-Plant Hybrids As our research team uncovers the frontiers of genetic engineering, we often think, “You just can’t make this stuff up!” Today, we have an alert for you about the exploitation of plants to create animal proteins. It’s one more reason to carefully track the inputs used to make your ingredients and products—and to stay informed! All products of new genetic engineering techniques are defined as GMOs by the Project’s... Read more

New GMO Alert: Perfect Day – June, 2021

Brands use Perfect Day® Synbio Proteins to Create GE Ice Cream As animal-free food alternatives rise in popularity, some brands are turning to synthetic biology—or synbio—to make these products. What is synbio? As it’s used in the market today, synbio is a GMO technique that involves the modification of microorganisms to create ingredients, such as dairy proteins or flavorings. In this edition of New GMO Alerts, we take a quick look at several ice cream brands using synbio ingredi... Read more

New GMO Alert: Genetically Modified Salmon Ready for Launch – April, 2021

AquAdvantage® Genetically Modified Salmon Ready for U.S. Commercial Launch Welcome to the second edition of our New GMO Alerts newsletter! One of the Non-GMO Project’s primary goals is to create greater transparency in the supply chain, empowering you to make informed choices about the ingredients you use or the brands you choose. As the only U.S. organization exclusively dedicated to monitoring the development and commercialization of GMOs, we feel it’s important to share this in... Read more

New GMO Alert: Two New Gene-Edited Products in the Market – February, 2021

Two Calyxt® TALEN® gene-edited products in the marketplace Every day, our researchers at the Non-GMO Project monitor the rapidly changing GMO landscape, including development and commercialization of GMOs by over 400 companies. Two recent announcements caught our eye, in part, because they could have implications for the supply chain. These products may potentially be marketed and sold as non-GMO. Please note, however, that products using gene-editing techniques fall squarely into the Non-G... Read more