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The right to know what’s in your food continues to ring true with consumers. According to the Hartman Organic and Natural Report 2018 consumer awareness of GMOs is almost universal at 97%. The growth in consumer awareness also aligns with an increasing amount of consumers seeking to avoid GMOs. Hartman reports that 46% of shoppers deliberately avoid GMOs when shopping.

This finding aligns with the continued growth of sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products which is now estimated to be at $26 billion. Hartman noted that 36% of shoppers say that they are buying more non-GMO products in comparison to a year ago and that of the consumers seeking to avoid GMOs 42% seek out Non-GMO Project Verified products.

As North America’s most rigorous standard for GMO avoidance, the work of the Non-GMO Project is more important than ever. Shoppers are looking for meaningful GMO transparency. In a rapidly changing regulatory and technological landscape the Non-GMO Project is working closely with brands to provide them the insights they need to navigate many of these unknowns. Through collaboration with brands and retailers, the Non-GMO Project is fulfilling its mission of building and protecting the non-GMO food supply.

According to Hartman consumers prioritize fresh, clean, and real foods when shopping. They have an inherent mistrust of what is being done to their food and are concerned about the potential ramifications for their health and for our environment. The Non-GMO Project’s butterfly provides transparency, meaningfulness, and trust, both for the shopper and for the brand with Verified products.

Read what consumers are saying about GMOs:

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