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Do you scream for ice cream? Or perhaps you love the taste of plant-based? Either way, we've got you covered with chilled Non-GMO Project Verified treats certain to satisfy. Each brand offers something special, and all create innovative flavors made with high-quality ingredients. 

Ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts pair wonderfully with fresh berries that are just coming into season. Or build out a whole self-serve sundae station at your next cook-out!

  1. Straus Family Creamery meets the gold standard for clean labels, with both USDA Organic Certification and the Non-GMO Project Butterfly. The whole production model relies on a comprehensive sustainability plan, prioritizing soil health and resource conservation. Straus offers all the classic flavors you expect from a family creamery, as well as some fresh takes like Chai Latte, Snickerdoodle and more. With the entire line certified kosher and gluten-free, who can say no to a scoop (or two)?
  2. For 16 years, Cosmic Bliss earned the loyalty of many plant-based fans under the banner Coconut Bliss, offering creamy, dairy-free ice creams made from coconut milk. The company's new name reflects their expansion into grass-fed dairy options and their continued dedication to sustainability, stewardship and deliciousness. With Cosmic Bliss offering both plant-based and dairy options, we wonder if their ice cream could invite dairy-lovers to try plant-based options. After all, if it says "Bliss" on the label, you know it’s got to be good. 
  3. When DiNoci Dairy Free founder Scott Emeson embraced a plant-based diet, he didn't want to compromise on great tasting food (or rely on unnatural ingredients to fool his taste buds). So he created his own dairy free dessert without the soy, gluten or gum additives — and without GMOs. DiNoci starts with almond milk or oat milk, adding the highest quality ingredients to ensure great taste. Did you know 150 lbs of organic strawberries go into each batch of Strawberry? Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, DiNoci delivers a velvety treat you can feel good about.
  4. Nada Moo promises creamy coconut-milk frozen dessert that's "certifiably good for you" — a bold claim that's backed up by their ambitious certifications. Made with organic coconut milk, Nada Moo is Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan and fair trade certified. It's also a certified B Corp, proudly considering the impacts of all their business decisions on people, communities and the environment. Nada Moo makes the most of sustainably sourced alternative sweeteners which provide sweetness without the blood sugar spike of cane sugar. With seasonal specials and one-of-a-kind flavors, maybe Nada Moo should be enjoyed year-round?
  5. The women behind female-owned O'MY created their "allergy-friendly" coconut milk-based gelato so everyone could enjoy it. They know all too well that dietary restrictions and allergies make it difficult for some people to join group meals and community events. Missing out can be isolating (a feeling none of us need more of!). That's why O'MY avoids common allergens in their recipes and even offers a low-sugar, keto-friendly line made with allulose. The result is just the right amount of sweetness without the high calories of glycemic impact or of cane sugar. Ingredient lists show simple, recognizable contents in every pint, and cocoa and chocolate are fair trade certified. Grab a spoon and join in with O'MY! 

What are you waiting for? Add a scoop to that pie or crumble. With dozens of flavors available in dairy and plant-based options, the sky's the limit. 

Join us next week when we bring you the best non-GMO side dishes and condiments for your next cookout. By the time the 4th of July weekend rolls around, we'll have your whole menu sorted — and Verified!

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