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The latest SPINS data shows shoppers prefer apple beverages without genetically modified Arctic Apples and dairy products without the GMOs in the livestock feed.

  • Sales of Verified refrigerated eggnog and buttermilk have grown 73% since 20191. This year's growth is already up 58% — and the holidays haven't even started!
  • Apple juice and cider sales with the Butterfly have increased 11% year over year, with $71 million in sales so far2.

Beverages are better with the Butterfly!

Want to learn more about how consumer preferences have evolved and how certification helps products stand out on shelves? Read the SPINS + Non-GMO Project white paper here or watch the webinar here.

1Source: 104 weeks ending 12.26.21 SPINS SNE, MULO, powered by IRI.
2Source: SPINS  2021, SPINS 52 w/e Sept 4, 2022.

It's Non-GMO Month, our annual celebration of the right to choose non-GMO! Data from SPINS shows that sales really are better with the Butterfly.

Sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products growing +17.7%.

The second quarter of 2022 shows we're headed for more than $40 billion in annual sales of Verified goods.

According to the Plant Based Food Association, sales of plant-based foods are growing three times faster¹ than overall retail food sales. People are looking for the Butterfly when they shop! From 2019-2021² :

Sales of refrigerated cheese and plant-based cheese grew by 17.2%, while sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products grew by 54.5%!

In frozen plant-based meat alternatives, the Butterfly effect was even more pronounced. From 10.4% sales growth of products without a GMO claim of any kind, Non-GMO Project Verified product sales grew by a whopping 71.7%!

1Plant Based Food Association website, accessed August 23, 2022.
2SPINS and the Non-GMO Project, 2022.

The connection between human and planetary health is top of mind for many people. However, curiosity remains high around issues like soil health and regenerative food systems. Companies like ours play a pivotal role in building a sustainable supply chain — and sharing our commitment to a healthier planet with our customers.

Regenerative agriculture's reputation is growing! 57% of consumers are aware of the term — a 10-point increase from 2019¹.

While 17% of shoppers report having some knowledge about soil health, 69% are interested in learning more2.

Over 90% of natural food shoppers believe that their food choices can help address climate change, environmental health, and biodiversity2.

1The Hartman Group, Closing the Gap in Sustainability, April 2022
2 Linkage Research & Consulting, 2021.

Shoppers are keeping cool this summer, driving $464M in sales* of frozen treats. How does the subcategory break down?

Plant-based ice creams held the largest share with 30% of sales, while traditional ice cream and sorbet saw 14%.

Frozen fruit was also very popular, at 24% of sales.

Freezer-section pies and desserts held 16%, tied with novelty items such as separately packaged ice cream sandwiches, juice bars and fudge sticks.

Shoppers seem to be seeking out novelty — the popularity of individually wrapped treats drove faster growth than any other frozen treat. Non-GMO brand favorites include: Fruti, Goodpop, Helados Mexico, Imuraya, Jolly Llama, Modern Pop, Philly Swirl, Whole Fruit, Xomi, Chloes, La Michoacana, Bubbies Hawaii, Mompops, Totally Bananas

*Source: SPINS 03/20/2022 

A third of all shoppers who are aware of the Butterfly label seek it out in the dairy aisle. (Linkage 2020)

Nearly half of all North American shoppers view lab-grown proteins and cell-cultured meat and dairy negatively. (Linkage 2021)

60% of shoppers doubt lab-grown food can be as safe, healthy and nutritious as food grown on a farm. (Linkage 2021)

Watch for synbio ingredients! Why?

Because customers are still shopping for non-GMO choices that exclude synbio.

65% of shoppers worry about the long-term impact of genetically engineered foods on our collective health.

60% of shoppers react negatively to the term synbio, which is why GMO companies are rebranding and using a host of other names such as “precision fermentation”  to appeal to shoppers and make GMOs sound more natural.

230+ = The number of companies using synbio technology the Non-GMO Project is monitoring in the food and ag sector.

Sources: Linkage Research 2021 & Non-GMO Project Internal Data 2022

Who recognizes the Butterfly? Millions!

54% of North American consumers recognize the Non-GMO Project verification mark.1  Of those consumers:

More than half say the Butterfly is important to them when making purchasing decisions.

88% are willing to pay a premium (up to 15%) for Verified products.

6-8% of those consumers are willing to pay a premium for Non-GMO Project Verified products over self-made claims.2

Non-GMO Project Verified + USDA Organic = The "Clean-label" Gold Standard. Sales of products with both certifications grew 19% during the pandemic. Products without either certification lagged behind at 13.3%.3

Sources: 1Linkage 2020, 22021; 3SPINS 52 wk 2020

Shoppers prefer the Butterfly — 2 out of 3 consumers are more likely to buy products with the Non-GMO Project Verification mark.

Showcase your non-GMO commitment North American consumers say they seek out certifications when shopping more than 30% of the time. This is even more true for shoppers who prefer natural products: They spend up to half their time looking for certifications.

Linkage Research September 2021

Non-GMO Project Verified Juice and Functional Beverages grew 5% to $4.2B according to our latest Spins 52 week data!

Plant based alternative beverages with the Butterfly are the 2nd fastest growing beverage category at nearly $2B up 7%

Spins 52 week ending 10/03/21

Shoppers are curious about where their food comes from.

97% of shoppers who look for the Butterfly are curious about where their food comes from and 60% of them admit they have more to learn! 

66% of shoppers prefer in-store shopping, with more to come after the pandemic 

Customers who look for the Butterfly spend up to 54% of their time in stores seeking out their preferred certifications.  

Linkage Research September 2021

Make the Butterfly easier to find in your store to improve your customer experience.

The gold standard for clean food is both USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Verified! Products that carry both certifications sell better than products with only one. Non-GMO Project verification protects the organic supply chain by reducing contamination and requiring ingredient testing or tracing for high-risk GMOs—something that is not required by the National Organic Program.

Shoppers look for the Butterfly! New research shows 57% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for Verified products.

Contact us for more research and insights about the value of promoting Non-GMO Project Verified groceries.

Shoppers trust the Butterfly! More consumers (+5%) are willing to pay a premium for Non-GMO Project Verified products over self-made non-GMO claims.

Linkage Research September 2021

Gain the in-store shopping advantage 

66% of shoppers prefer in-store shopping — with more to come after the pandemic!

Customers who look for the Butterfly spend up to 54% of their time in stores seeking out certifications — but a quarter of them have trouble finding their favorite cert marks.

Make the Butterfly easier to find in your store to improve your customer experience.

Linkage Research September 2021

Who’s choosing the Butterfly? Meet the natural food shopper.

At the Supermarket: Happy Family of Three, Holding Hands, Walks Through Fresh Produce Section of the Store. Father, Mother and Daughter Having Fun Time Shopping.

Curious about today’s natural food shoppers? We were too! That’s why, last year we conducted a large research project to uncover their shopping habits and motivations. It’s no surprise that the Butterfly ranks as “very meaningful” with these folks--they seek clean, trustworthy products and brand transparency. Here’s the full data profile on these consumers. Get to know them!

See the data

Linkage Research January 2020

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