Spring Public Comment Period on Standard Extended through April 17th

To accommodate stakeholders currently working on NOSB comments, we have extended the spring public comment period by one week, through Sunday April 17th.

From March 10th through April 17th, consumers, retailers, vendors, processors, farms, seed companies, and all other members of the public have the opportunity to submit comment on the Non-GMO Project Standard. Feedback and suggested revisions will be reviewed by the Project’s Standard Committee, who will release a reflective draft for a second round of comment in late spring/early summer.

To download a copy of the Standard, please click here.

Comments can be submitted online (click here) or emailed to standard@nongmoproject.org

The Non-GMO Project Standard is opened to public comment biannually, every spring and fall, in order to keep it current, relevant, and consensus based. Please contact us if you have any questions.