Second Public Comment Period of 2018 Now Underway on the Non-GMO Project Standard

The Non-GMO Project’s biennial public comment periods are foundational to our third-party integrity and fulfillment of our nonprofit mission.

From August 20th through October 18th, 2018, public comment is being accepted on changes made in response to comments submitted during round one of the 2018 comment period, which was held from April 16th through June 14th, 2018.

The intention of the second round of comment is to alert stakeholders to potential changes to the Standard, allowing an opportunity for further input that informs the Standards Committee’s and Board’s final decision. A new version of the Standard is generally ratified following the second comment period. However, for the 2018 revision, we have determined that, as allowed for by the Project’s Terms of Reference , we will hold a third round of comment prior to ratification.

The primary reason for a third comment period is the significance of potential changes to section 8.1, Livestock and Poultry. At this time, the Standards Committee has determined that additional information and input must be collected prior to being ready to propose final changes. Comments submitted during round 2 (between now and October 18th, 2018) will therefore be incorporated into a new redline version of the Standard, which will be presented for additional public comment in January of 2019.

During round 2, public comment is accepted on all proposed changes and questions. In addition, the Standards Committee is seeking specific input in several areas. Please see below for a list of linked forms with which to submit your comment. You are encouraged to comment in any and all areas.

Livestock and Poultry
Includes questions on annual averaging for feed Action Threshold, Dry Matter vs. As-Fed, Exempt Minors in feed rations and High-Moisture crops.

Sampling and Testing
Includes questions on annual averaging for feed Action Threshold, 6-month averaging on Action Threshold for some inputs and Limit of Detection for qualitative PCR.

Includes questions on the Made With claim, and blending as a corrective action.

General Comments
To submit comments on any other proposed changes, please use the General Comments form.