PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia Earns Non-GMO Project Verification


Logo-Final-CSI-RECOLORPurwokerto, Indonesia (March 05, 2015) – PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia, the Indonesia-based producer of organic coconut sugar and nectar, is proud to announce that the Non-GMO Project has verified its line-up of product offerings. This development is particularly significant given the fact that the Non-GMO Project is North America’s only third-party verification and labeling organization for non-GMO food and products. PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia’s new Verified status means that its products have been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project’s rigorous Standard for GMO avoidance.

Founder and CEO Mr. Amir Sudjono stresses the importance of PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia’s Verified status as integral to the organization’s mission: “From the time we established ourselves, we were certain that we wanted to offer to consumers a unique proposition which was wholesome, nutritious, and organic with no genetically modified organisms in any form or manner. This verification is a clear ratification of our mission.”

PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia’s decision to have its products Verified stems from the idea that consumers should always receive what’s in their best interest, especially when purchasing food items. GMOs have not been proven safe, which is why PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia strives to ensure that none of its coconut sugar products contain any form of GMOs.

Looking into the future, Mr. Amir Sudjono stresses that all product offerings from the company will always be non-GMO and organic.

About PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia:

PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia is a Purwokerto-based maker of organic coconut sugar. It is based in the Banyumas region, which is the country’s center of organic coconut sugar production.

Besides unwavering adherence to non-GMO principles, PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia takes immense pride in the way it contributes to society, especially the local economy. For instance, there are no middlemen involved in the production of organic coconut sugar at PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia. What this means is that farmers working hard to extract coconut nectar from coconut trees (from which coconut sugar is ultimately made) get the best value for their efforts.

Moreover, ecological sustenance is at the very core of PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia. This is easily apparent when considering facts such as:

  • Coconut trees remain in the peak of health even after coconut nectar is extracted from them and can do so for a long period of time without any adverse impact whatsoever.
  • Coco Sugar Indonesia is actively involved in ensuring that coconut tree plantations are maximized in the region, which has a big impact on overall ecology of the area.
  • At no point in the production process are any kind of artificial ingredients used – 100% natural and organic items go into producing the coconut sugar that consumers receive. This is in addition to having one of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the country for producing coconut sugar.

PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia has always had the mission of sustenance as its focal point, and Non-GMO Project Verification simply affirms that mission.