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Now Hiring: Program Assistant

The Non-GMO Project is currently seeking a part-time Program Assistant to join our mission-drive team. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit multi-stakeholder collaboration committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. The Program Assistant will provide administrative and communications support for our Product Verification Program, Supporting Retailer Program, and national Non-GMO Month events. The successful candi... Read more

Who Is To Blame For The Superweed Invasion?

A second contribution from our wonderful guest blogger Deniza Gertsberg, author of the GMO Journal. ====== A fundamental change occurred when the first genetically engineered crops went commercial in 1996. Farmers who planted GE crops that were altered to withstand continued application of herbicide glyphosate began to rely on a single system for weed management — the use of glyphosate, sold under brand name Roundup and manufactured by Monsanto.   As Dr. David A. Mortensen of the... Read more

October is Non-GMO Month: 10-10-10 is No-GMO Day

By guest blogger Rady Ananda, author of Food Freedom ====== Okay, here’s your chance, with a new way for you to know that your food does not contain genetically modified organisms. The Non-GMO Project, a collection of top suppliers and advocates in the organic industry, and the only no-GMO certifier in North America, has kicked off a GM-free month. Ruh-roh — October includes Halloween. Since half of the refined sugar in the US is genetically modified, coming from GM sugar beets, f... Read more

Life is a Cabaret

From Non-GMO Month Guest Blogger, Jeanne Blackwell AKA "Mom", co-author of Hole in the Fence ( ====== Prize in a Cracker Jack box, quite the cabaret for kids of all ages. Never know what you are going to get and always excited to find out. I like a little cabaret with my Mongolian barbecue and for sure a couple of Velvet Hammers will get me dancing on a table top at the Lemon Tree. What is not fun is Aspic, sometimes called cabaret, or eating fish sperm in ... Read more

As Concerns about Food Safety and GMOs Intensify, Retailers Launch First National Non-GMO Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Click here to download a PDF of the info sheet at right) UPLAND, CA—This October, more than 580 natural food stores nationwide will take part in the first ever Non-GMO Month, celebrating consumers’ right to choose food and products that do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organized by the non-profit Non-GMO Project, the event coincides with the launch of the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal on retail products. The process of genetic modifi... Read more

6 Reasons To Avoid GMOs

From guest blogger Deniza Gertsberg, author of the GMO Journal. ======== When was the last time you thought about how food was made, where it came from, whether and if it was chemically treated? With the first ever Non GMO Month around the corner, an awareness campaign launched by the Non GMO Project, perhaps now is a good time to pay attention. As you look at each food item and its ingredients, consider these fundamental unanswered questions concerning genetically modified (GM) foods ... Read more

Viterra Offers First Non-GMO Project Verified Canola Oil

For more information contact: Marshall Galloway Sales and Business Development Viterra Canola Processing - Ste. Agathe (204) 882-2565 ext. 2266 Viterra Canola Processing is excited to announce  that it has received Non-GMO Project Verification for its Non-GMO and Non-GMO Omega-9 (high oleic) expeller-pressed canola oils. Viterra is producing and marketing the first canola oils in North America to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project ... Read more

New Chapter Becomes First Vitamins & Supplement Company Verified by the Non-GMO Project

For more information contact: Sara Newmark, Sustainability Manager New Chapter P: +1.802.257.0018 September 21st, 2010, Brattleboro, VT – New Chapter proudly announces that its multivitamins are the first in the nation to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification. New Chapter has long been committed to rooting out Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and is now demonstrating that commitment by pursuing Non-GMO Project verification for its entire line of whole-food v... Read more

Just say NO to GMO

From Non-GMO Month guest contributor Dr. Gayle Eversole, writer of the Natural Health News Blog ( ==== Time goes by so very quickly it often seems amazing that so many topics I have written or taught about for more than a decade and more are being written about as if they were new concepts. Genetic modification of food (GMO) is on of those topics. I am glad to see more awareness but I still feel as if not enough people clearly understand this issue. ... Read more