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More than 80 Groups Urge FDA and USDA to Change U.S. Position on Food Labeling

For Immediate Release Contact: Naomi Starkman Consumers Union 917.539.3924-c Position Will Create Problems for American Producers to Label Products GM/GE-Free Upcoming International Codex Meeting to Discuss Food Labeling, May 3 Yonkers, NY—Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, and more than 80 farmers, public health, environmental, and organic food organizations today sent a letter to Michael R. Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Food at th... Read more

Special Report: Are regulators dropping the ball on biocrops?

When we sit down to eat, how do we ensure that the food on our plates is safe to consume? A recent Washington Post special report by Carey Gillam does an excellent job of summarizing the current state of GMO regulation. Although both sides of the biotechnology debate have offered strong arguments about the safety of genetically modified foods – proponents hold that the technology is perfectly harmless, while critics remain leery of its potential impacts on human health – this article highlig... Read more

Endangered Species: First Non-GMO Project Verified Chocolate Bar

For Immediate Release Contact: Natalia Wolting Endangered Species Chocolate 317.387.4372 Ext. 133 INDIANAPOLIS – Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) organic product line has recently become the first line of chocolate bars to obtain “Non-GMO Project Verified” status. All of the organic products will feature the Non-GMO Project seal on their labels later this year, making it easy for consumers to recognize these items as independently verified non-GMO choi... Read more

Organic Amicus brief filed in GM Alfalfa Appeal

An Organic Amicus brief has been filed in support of the Center for Food Safety's case against Monsanto's Supreme Court appeal of the lower court-ordered injunction against the selling of GM alfalfa. Monsanto seeks to overturn the lower court ruling that prohibits the company from selling its seed, due to the court's concerns about the adverse effects of widespread GMO contamination.  The judge in that case has required USDA to "take a hard look" at the contamination issue before granting the d... Read more

Interns Experience Expo West

[caption id="attachment_1809" align="alignright" width="225"] Non-GMO Project Interns Halley Everall and Alison Cantor, both Scripps College '10 on the floor at the Natural Products Expo West, March 2010[/caption] Imagine every brand and company you have ever thought of or associated with the natural product industry. Then add a thousand more companies that you have never even heard of. Next, picture all of the representatives associated with each company, plus everyone with a considerable in... Read more

Non-GMO Project Facebook fanbase surpasses 10,000 members

This past weekend, the number of fans on the Non-GMO Project’s Facebook page reached and then quickly exceeded 10,000 people, evidencing the growing public concern about GMOs and corresponding demand for all things non-GMO. The page features a mix of breaking news, links to studies, and updates on the brands and retailers involved in the Non-GMO Project. Perhaps even more significant than the number of fans is how active the fanbase is, with an average of around 2,500 visits each week, and pa... Read more

Find Non-GMO Project Story on Guayaki “Pure Mind” and win a Gourd Gift Pack!

As the Non-GMO Project moves into a stage of active public outreach and education, we're excited by the support of companies like Guayaki, who are doing everything they can to help spread awareness about GMOs and the Non-GMO Project, including on-label promotion with their best-selling "Pure Mind" bottled mate. The label pictured above is just starting to appear in stores. We had our first spotting at Mother's Market in Anaheim, CA last week and are excited to find out FROM YOU where else it ... Read more

Non-GMO Month and 10.10.10

This October, natural foods retailers across North America will be celebrating the first ever "Non-GMO Month," with the highlight being a Non-GMO Day on 10.10.10. The event, organized by independent retailers, co-ops, and other natural food grocers, will feature month-long promotions on Non-GMO Project Verified products and consumer education materials such as the Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide. The goal is to raise awareness about the GMO issue and to support the Non-GMO Project's efforts to en... Read more

Bt Cotton Fails in India

A new press release from Monsanto on Friday revealed that their popular Bt cotton variety, Bollgard I, has proven unsuccessful in countering pest attacks in the state of Gujarat, India. The crop’s target, the pink bollworm, has developed a resistance to the Cry1Ac protein found in Bt cotton, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the crop’s claim to ward off pests. These Bt resistant pests were discovered in 2009 during a field monitoring in four regions in Gujarat and reported to the Gene... Read more

Non-GMO Project in Canada

[caption id="attachment_1733" align="alignright" width="300"] Closing panelists from the 2010 Canadian Organic Growers Conference in Toronto; from L to R: Michael Schmidt, Biodynamic Farmer and raw milk champion; Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project; Barbel Hohn, Germany's first Green Party Agriculture Minister; Wayne Roberts, PhD, author and Acting Manager of the Toronto Food Policy Council.[/caption] Following participation in the Guelph Organic Conference outside Toron... Read more

Fresh Picked Interns

[caption id="attachment_1725" align="alignright" width="300"] Pictured, from left to right: Alison Cantor, Intern; Camille Frazier, former Outreach Coordinator; Megan (Thompson) Westgate, Executive Director; Sara Krautbauer, Intern. Not pictured: Sara Young, Outreach Coordinator; Aerienne Russell, Intern; Isa Ballard, Intern[/caption] In a small sunlit office in Upland, CA, the smell of cloves and the sound of keyboards clacking linger gently in the air as the employees of the Non-GMO Project... Read more

India Places Moratorium on the Cultivation of GM Food Crops

India’s Environmental Minister Jairam Ramesh recently placed a moratorium on the domestic cultivation of genetically-modified eggplant, known as brinjal in India, a move which puts an indefinite hold on the production of all GM food crops on Indian soil. His decision comes in response to public dissent and a lack of scientific evidence establishing the safety of GM crops. The new policy halts Monsanto’s plans to expand its operations abroad through its Indian partner, Mahyco. Mahyco resea... Read more

Organic Producers: Tell the USDA you don’t want GMO Alfalfa

In 2006, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) sued the Department of Agriculture (USDA) for its illegal approval of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready alfalfa.  The federal courts sided with CFS and banned GM alfalfa until the USDA fully analyzed the impacts of the plant on the environment, farmers, and the public in a rigorous analysis known as an environmental impact statement (or EIS). USDA released its draft EIS on December 14, 2009.  A 60-day comment period is now open until... Read more

Consumers: Protect Non-GMO Dairy–Stop GMO Alfalfa!

This is an action alert from The Center for Food Safety's True Food Network. To read more, and to submit comment, please click here. Tell the USDA that you care about GMO contamination of organic food! In 2006, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) sued the Department of Agriculture (USDA) for its illegal approval of Monsanto’s genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready alfalfa.  The federal courts sided with CFS and banned GE alfalfa until the USDA fully analyzed the impacts of the plant on the ... Read more

GMO Panel at Park Slope Food Co-op

On January 24th, Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, NY will hold a panel discussion on GMOs featuring Dr. Michael Hanson of the Consumers’ Union and Eden Foods founder and CEO, Michael Potter. The panel, which follows an introductory event held in November, will address such questions as whether GMOs are safe, if consumers have a right to know whether their food contains GMOs, and why are there no laws requiring the identification of GMOS on food product labels. ... Read more

Non-GMO Project Founding Leader Lundberg Family Farms Announces Sixty-six Verified Products

RICHVALE, Calif.–Sixty-six of Lundberg Family Farms’ products are among the first to be officially “Non-GMO Verified” by the Non-GMO Project. The “Non-GMO Verified” seal means that verified Lundberg products have been produced according to rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance, which includes testing of risk ingredients. “It is very important for the consumer to have an educated choice between food containing GMO's and those that are non-GMO,” says Grant Lundberg, CEO of L... Read more