O&T Farms Ltd Earns Non-GMO Verification of Omega-3 Livestock Feed Ingredients!


ot-farms-logo-naturally-betterTo meet the growing consumer demand for non-GMO products, O&T Farms teamed up with the Non-GMO Project to verify that their Omega-3 feed supplements (LinPRO™ and LinPROTM-R) were compliant with the Non-GMO Project standards.

“Achieving Non-GMO Project Verified status for our linPRO™ and linPRO™-R products further demonstrates our commitment to producing high quality, value-added, Omega-3 feed ingredients for livestock.” – Elan Ange, CEO of O&T Farms

About the company
O&T Farms celebrates its 50-year anniversary in 2017. The company is a progressive agri-business that manufactures highly digestible, and palatable Omega-3 animal feed components by blending flax with pulses in their patented dry-extrusion process. Their branding of “naturally better” has become synonymous with health, nutrition and quality, and represents a promise to their customers. Building on the dry-extrusion process, several proprietary specialty feeds have been developed with LinPRO™ and LinPROTM-R, being the most notable in North America, for their all-natural land-based Omega-3 delivery.

Backed by Science
O&T Farms products undergo rigorous testing at both accredited research institutions and through commercial settings. The company has collaborated with Penn State University, the University of Saskatchewan, and Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada, to name a few. Combining third-party research studies with their own in-house quality assurance program, O&T Farms ensures customers are provided with a superior product. The addition of the Non-GMO Project Verified certification to LinPRO™ and LinPROTM-R is a value-added branding extension of our quality assurance.

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