Organic Sunshine Burger Becomes First Veggie Burger Company Verified by Non-GMO Project

For More Information Contact: Bill Schreiber, 773-477-1855

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. (September 2, 2010) — The Sunshine Burger & Specialty Food Company has earned the Non-GMO Project Verification for its full line of gluten-free, soy free vegan burgers with certified organic, non GMO whole food ingredients. The company achieved the official verification and will soon carry the Non-GMO Project Verified seal on all retail products, said Cole Jones, General Manager.

Sunshine Burgers are made with organic raw ground sunflower kernels, organic brown rice and a variety of other organic whole food ingredients. The company’s products also do not contain wheat, soy, dairy, corn, tree nuts, ground nuts or eggs, an advantage for consumers with food allergies or intolerances. The prebaked and browned veggie burgers offer balanced nutrition in five delicious flavors including Garden Herb, South West, Barbecue, Breakfast and Falafel.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization created by leaders in all sectors of the natural and organic products industry from the United States and Canada to offer consumers a consistent non-GMO choice for organic and natural products that are produced without genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technologies. It began as a collaborative effort among independent natural food retailers who wanted to ensure that their customers had an abundant selection of clearly labeled, independently verified non-GMO choices.

“Since our customers educate themselves about the types of products they use, we felt that becoming non-GMO verified was the next logical step after organic certification,” said Jones. “And our company founder, Carol Debberman, would have it no other way. A practicing vegan for nearly four decades, Carol has always cared about offering products with the cleanest ingredient statements possible.”

The Non-GMO Project verifies all types of retail products so shoppers can more easily identify non-GMO items. In addition to adding the Non-GMO Project verified seal to the product packaging, Sunshine Burger will appear with other verified companies in the Non-GMO Project’s Shopping Guide on their website: Sunshine Burger also will be recognized during the first ever Non-GMO Month this October.

“Consumers deserve clearly labeled and independently verified Non-GMO choices,” said Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate. “It’s wonderful to see committed companies like Sunshine Burger leading the way in providing Non-GMO Project Verified options—consumers across the country will be excited and grateful to see the Project’s checkmark on all Sunshine Burger products.”

Sunshine Burgers are sold in most natural & organic independent grocery stores and co-ops as well as many major grocery retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Harris-Teeter, Hannaford Brothers, Raley’s, Foodtown, Giant Food, Central Market, King Soopers, Price Chopper, Sunflower Market, Rouse’s, Woodman’s, Vitamin Cottage and Wegman’s. Visit for additional product information and recipe ideas.