Organic Amicus brief filed in GM Alfalfa Appeal

An Organic Amicus brief has been filed in support of the Center for Food Safety’s case against Monsanto’s Supreme Court appeal of the lower court-ordered injunction against the selling of GM alfalfa. Monsanto seeks to overturn the lower court ruling that prohibits the company from selling its seed, due to the court’s concerns about the adverse effects of widespread GMO contamination.  The judge in that case has required USDA to “take a hard look” at the contamination issue before granting the deregulation of GM alfalfa.  This “hard look” is intended to be contained in the final environmental impact statement (EIS) that USDA released for public comment in December of 2009.  USDA is now in the process of reviewing and preparing its response to public comments as a basis for issuing  a final EIS and for deciding whether and/or under what conditions it will deregulation GM alfalfa.

Click here to read the Organic Amicus brief.