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NZMP Launches its First Ingredients in North America to Meet the Non-GMO Project Standard

NZMP, Fonterra’s global dairy ingredients brand, has launched a range of dairy ingredients to help North American food and beverage […]

NZMP Launches its First Ingredients in North America to Meet the Non-GMO Project Standard

NZMP, Fonterra’s global dairy ingredients brand, has launched a range of dairy ingredients to help North American food and beverage […]

NZMP, Fonterra’s global dairy ingredients brand, has launched a range of dairy ingredients to help North American food and beverage manufacturers address consumer demand for food without genetically modified ingredients and information about where their food comes from.

The new NZMP ingredient range meets the Non-GMO Project Standard, North America’s most trusted and recognized seal in non-GMO products. Manufacturers can use a range of NZMP ingredients for their own Non-GMO Project Standard Verified products [1].

Joe Coote, Regional President of Ingredients Americas, said, “New Zealand is well recognized for its unique pasture-raised farming practices and regulatory control of GMOs. This new NZMP product range allows food and beverage manufacturers to leverage both the Non-GMO Project claim and the New Zealand grass-fed advantage in a way that’s highly relevant to US consumers.”

Mr. Coote says US consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from and how it was made.

“Research shows that over half of US protein consumers and more than a third of US dairy product consumers are ‘very interested’ in a non-GMO claim. Forty percent of consumers are also willing to pay a premium for dairy products with a non-GMO claim [2].”

NZMP worked with the Non-GMO Project because it is widely recognized by consumers and provides robust standards.

The Non-GMO Project Verified seal is the fastest growing label in the natural products industry, representing $19.2 billion in annual sales. It already appears on 43,000 verified products and is among the most trusted non-GMO labels for consumers [3].

NZMP’s Non-GMO Project Verified range is independently verified by Where Food Comes From, Inc., an independent, third-party food verification company.

“North American food and beverage manufacturers have been using NZMP ingredients for decades and value our deep dairy expertise. This expertise, coupled with a widely recognized non-GMO product claim, is a powerful offering for manufacturers, helping them to differentiate from competitors, and help to increase market share and margins,” says Mr. Coote.

About the Non-GMO Project
The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices.

Non-GMO Project requirements and NZMP:

  • The Standard requires compliance with ingredients, additives, and inputs; and that they do not contain, are not derived from, and are not produced with the help of GMOs.
  • The Non-GMO Project has required limits on feed which may come from genetically modified sources (less than 5%).
  • To ensure the cows receive adequate nutrition throughout the year, non-New Zealand supplementary feed, which may be classified as GM risk, is sometimes used. This usage is strictly monitored to ensure it meets Non-GMO Project Standards and the range is sourced exclusively from selected New Zealand farms to ensure that verification can be applied to a specific product line.
  • These supplementary feeds make up less than 2% of the total ration that our cows in New Zealand consume on average.
  • Our Non-GMO Project Verification is independently verified and confirmed by Where Food Comes From, Inc.
  • For further information on the Non-GMO Project go to

About NZMP
NZMP is the business to business dairy ingredients brand of Fonterra. Trusted globally, NZMP ingredients are sold in more than 100 countries and can be found at the heart of some of the world’s most famous food and nutrition brands. NZMP has one of the broadest ranges of ingredients in the dairy industry, providing hundreds of solutions to meet the needs of customers every day.

Backed by Fonterra’s New Zealand grass-fed farming heritage and expertise, world-class processing and leading quality standards, NZMP ingredients deliver real market advantage, trusted for their high performance and exceptional quality.

About Fonterra
Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition – the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies. Fonterra is a farmer-owned co-operative and the largest processor of milk in the world. It is one of the world’s largest investors in dairy research and innovation, drawing on generations of dairy expertise to produce more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, value added dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients, and consumer products globally.

[1] NZMP Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients meet the Non-GMO Project Standard. In order for food and beverage manufacturers to claim Non-GMO Project Verification on their products, they will need to undertake the process of gaining certification according to the Non-GMO Project Standard.

[2] Based on nationally representative samples of 318 consumers of dairy and dairy based products, and who purchase/consume dairy/dairy-based products and 311 consumers that regularly consume at least one type of protein enriched products (protein beverages/shakes, protein powders, bars, etc.). Source: NZMP Consumer Research conducted by ABN Impact (2016 October, among USA consumers)



Media Contact:
Porter Novelli on behalf of NZMP
Courtney Stayte, 64 27 373 5683

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