Non-GMO Roundtable at the Organic Summit

In the face of a growing GMO contamination threat to the natural and organic products industry, what are our options and responsibilities? Join industry pioneer Michael Funk, Founder and Chair of UNFI, and Megan Thompson, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project, for a lively and informative rountdable conversation at this year’s Organic Summit in Stevenson, WA.

logoTopics will include:

  • Recent studies on GMOs demonstrating lower crop yields, connection to GMO consumption and decreased fertility and other health risks, development of herbicide resistance “superweeds,” and more.
  • The liability GMO contamination poses for our industry in a climate where consumer trust is more essential than ever.
  • The action increasing numbers of manufacturers, growers, processors, and retailers are taking through the Non-GMO Project.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to be part of the dialogue on what is arguably the most pressing current issue for our industry!