Non-GMO Project Facebook fanbase surpasses 10,000 members

This past weekend, the number of fans on the Non-GMO Project’s Facebook page reached and then quickly exceeded 10,000 people, evidencing the growing public concern about GMOs and corresponding demand for all things non-GMO. The page features a mix of breaking news, links to studies, and updates on the brands and retailers involved in the Non-GMO Project.

Perhaps even more significant than the number of fans is how active the fanbase is, with an average of around 2,500 visits each week, and passionate strings of commentary quickly following every post. “Facebook is an amazing tool for us,” says Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate. “It is so inspiring to see how many people there are out there who are standing up for their right to an informed choice about what they eat, and the Facebook format allows us to host some really important conversations about the GMO issue.”

A post Sunday evening asking users to share their reasons for being fans of the page quickly generated 89 comments. Julie Punty Olsen of Los Angeles expressed a sentiment common to other fans with health concerns when she said, “[The] Non-GMO Project has educated me on GMO and how it affects our food supply and our health. As a cancer survivor, I need to do everything I can to keep my body clean and free of unnatural substances; the Non-GMO Project is helping me do just that.”

Many users also cited the wellbeing of future generations as their motivation for being fans of the Non-GMO Project. Bob Shade of Nashville, Oregon said he was a fan “because I have grandchildren and would like to believe it’s possible for them to have a clean, organic, natural food supply for their grandchildren.” And user Shelley Boyle wrote, “I’m a fan because I depend on and value your help in finding out what is best for my body, my family, my neighbors, the farmers and ultimately, my world!”

The Non-GMO Project created its Facebook page about a year ago, and has its sights set on the 100,000 fan mark next. To learn more, please visit: