Non-GMO Project Data Drop – July, 2022

Shoppers are keeping cool this summer, driving $464M in sales* of frozen treats. How does the subcategory break down?

  • Plant-based ice creams held the largest share with 30% of sales, while traditional ice cream and sorbet saw 14%.
  • Frozen fruit was also very popular, at 24% of sales.
  • Freezer-section pies and desserts held 16%, tied with novelty items such as separately packaged ice cream sandwiches, juice bars and fudge sticks.
  • Shoppers seem to be seeking out novelty — the popularity of individually wrapped treats drove faster growth than any other frozen treat. Non-GMO brand favorites include: Fruti, Goodpop, Helados Mexico, Imuraya, Jolly Llama, Modern Pop, Philly Swirl, Whole Fruit, Xomi, Chloes, La Michoacana, Bubbies Hawaii, Mompops, Totally Bananas

*Source: SPINS 03/20/2022