Non-GMO Project Connects with Organic Farmers in Nebraska

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Project Excutive Director Megan Thompson sharing a PowerPoint presentation at Grain Place Foods

In July, I had the privilege of attending Grain Place Foods’ annual farm tour and seminar as the featured speaker. It was wonderful to connect with so many farmers, right in the middle of corn and soy country, and there was a very enthusiastic reception for the Project. The event included tours of the 250 acre farm, where a time-proven formula of ruminants and wild grasses are the only inputs used to keep the soil rich and fertile. The fields are on a 9 year rotation that includes several years of soil-building cover crops. Nut trees and flowers mark the borders between fields. Non-GMO corn is successfully grown by following best practices of testing seed and planting later than GMO neighbors. We also toured the production facility, which is in the process of being expanded to keep up with skyrocketing demand. I gave my presentation under a big tent where all 150+ of us were served several delicious organic meals. The audience soaked up all the detailed information I shared about the Non-GMO Project with wonderful attentiveness, despite it being a balmy summer afternoon. Following the presenation, we had a lively Q&A, and I enjoyed many one-on-one conversations later in the afternoon. I am grateful for the opportunity, and look forward to more chances to talk with farmers, learning from them and sharing appreciation for the hard work they do to supply us all with nourishing, healthy food.