Non-GMO Month and 10.10.10

This October, natural foods retailers across North America will be celebrating the first ever “Non-GMO Month,” with the highlight being a Non-GMO Day on 10.10.10. The event, organized by independent retailers, co-ops, and other natural food grocers, will feature month-long promotions on Non-GMO Project Verified products and consumer education materials such as the Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide. The goal is to raise awareness about the GMO issue and to support the Non-GMO Project’s efforts to ensure the long term availability of non-GMO food and ingredients. On October 10th (10.10.10), many stores will have special educational and fundraising activities, including speakers, movie screenings and sales.

Plans are just beginning now; retailers and vendors who are interested in taking part are invited to contact us, and consumers are encouraged to keep an eye out for more news soon!