Non-GMO Month 2014 a Resounding Success

Continuing in the spirit of growing awareness and impactful change, 2014’s Non-GMO Month was celebrated by more people from all levels of the food supply chain. Increased participation by shoppers, retailers and brands was evident across all of North America.

Here at the Non-GMO Project, we couldn’t be more pleased with the amplified level of enthusiasm and passion, and we are already well into planning Non-GMO Month 2015. Read on to learn about the success of this year’s campaign.

Non-GMO Month 2014 by the numbers

  • 2,000+ Participating Retailers
  • 115,000 sponsor-branded Non-GMO Project pocket guides distributed
  • 39,000+ entries in the Daily Giveaway Contest
  • 10.9 million impressions on Facebook
  • 10,000 sponsor-branded Non-GMO Project tote bags handed out
  • 533 new brands contacting us to participate in the Non-GMO Project in just two months!
  • 2,004 new products verified in the 90 days leading up to Non-GMO Month
  • 288 new inquiries about the Product Verification Program

Thank you for choosing Non-GMO Project Verified!

Growing awareness about and rising distrust of GMOs has led to more of us seeking out non‐GMO options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By committing to purchase non-GMO choices, the availability of Non-GMO Project Verified products grows with demand. With more than 22,000 Verified products we now have more non-GMO choices than ever before.

Non-GMO Project Verified Sales 2014

To everyone who helped bring awareness to the non-GMO conversation, we extend a heartfelt “Thank you!” The protection of our food supply is in your hands, and we are grateful for your voices and your choices!