Non-GMO Gingerbread Houses Bring Childlike Cheer to the Season

Making gingerbread houses is a special tradition during the holiday season. Who doesn’t like the messy fun of building a magical candy village? My children certainly love it! They also love the opportunity to sample a taste or two of their building materials. By using Non-GMO Project Verified treats in place of conventional candy, I can feel much more comfortable about their nibbling and sampling.
Quick tip: To help limit the amount of candy kids eat, make sure they start building and decorating their gingerbread houses with a full stomach and provide some non-sugary snacks to munch on too. You never know, some nuts or carrots could end up being part of their creation.
Happy Holidays!
Caroline Kinsman, Communications Manager

Supplies ready. Last weekend started out fairly normal in my house … until I announced to my two young girls that we were going to build gingerbread houses. They’re just old enough to know this project is a sugary surge of holiday fun filled with frosting and brightly colored candy, and it fills our house with yummy smells, love and warmth. Did I mention there would be frosting? Cheerful chaos erupted in our kitchen, to say the least.
Gingerbread4 Little did my kids know how much fun I’d had preparing for this “sweet” adventure. The week prior, I’d reviewed my options for non-GMO candy; there are many good ones! I picked a few I thought would make the best house decorations and that I knew I could find locally, and then I went shopping with a childlike skip in my step. In my mind I had already engineered innovative candy structures: rooftops tiled with chicle bubblegum, windows lined with gummies and jelly beans, flower pots made from sunbutter cups, candy canes to mark the cornerstones, and sidewalks conjured from slabs of chocolate bars.
Once the houses are assembled, let the kids frost and decorate … Now, I adore and praise folks who spend a full day making elegant home-baked gingerbread mansions complete with gingerbread trains, snowmen, and trees. I am a friend to many of these fine people. But me? I was on a bit different timeline. As in, I had young children who wanted to spread frosting on something … immediately! Thank goodness for Non-GMO Project Verified graham crackers and frosting mixes … and the Internet. I’d found graham cracker houses online (the small, simple ones!) that were as cute as a puppy in wooly winter slippers and were easy to assemble in 10 minutes flat.
They can hardly contain themselves. Once the houses were assembled, the kids frosted and decorated … and ate a bit more candy. They had a blast.There is still plenty of holiday time to check your candy list twice and make sure GMOs stay out of your (gingerbread) house. Any elf can go non-GMO with their festive projects this year. To help inspire your non-GMO gingerbread house adventure, check out the photos below of the Non-GMO Project staff decorating their creations!


Thank you to the following brands for donating Non-GMO Project Verified candy and supplies for this story:


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Products Used: Erewhon Honey Grahams, Wholesome Chow Frosting Mix, TruJoy Starlight Mints and Candy Canes, Theo Chocolate, Glee Gum, Surf Sweets Products Used: Erewhon Honey Grahams, Wholesome Chow Frosting Mix, TruJoy Starlight Mints and Candy Canes, Theo Chocolate, Glee Gum, Surf Sweets Courtney debates gummy worms or hearts for the roof she’s frosting. Isabel and Arielle frost a base coat with Wholesome Chow Frosting
Isabel puts the finishing touches on her Glee Gum chicle rooftop. Chris developed a unique and creative plan for his house. Isaac designs a rooftop made of Surf Sweets Sour Worms. Colorful and festive mints, gummies, chicle gum and chocolate bars offer the finishing touches.
 Surf Sweets Peach and Watermelon Rings make adorable wreaths.  A Whole Town of Non-GMO Gingerbread Houses  An Official Non-GMO Project Gingerbread House