Robyn O’Brien and “The Unhealthy Truth” Kicks Off Non-GMO Book Club on Facebook!

Leading up to Non-GMO Month this October, the Non-GMO Project’s Facebook page will be hosting a non-GMO book club series with three leading authors on the topic.

In August, Robyn O’Brien will kick off the series with her book “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It” (published by Random House May 2009 and now out in paperback). This is the story of how one brave mother, who left her job as a Wall Street analyst to stay home and raise four children, chose to expose the role that chemicals and GMOs in our food supply are having on the health of the American children. Her meticulously detailed book highlights the role that federal policy and financial incentives play in the toxicity of the US food supply, and Robyn’s work has been recognized by Ted Turner, Erin Brockovich, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Dr. Oz and others.

The Non-GMO Project staff selected this book for the critical information it contains AND for its page-turning readability. It’s a must-read for current and future parents, anyone working with children, and anyone interested in learning more about the unhealthy truth behind many aspects of the U.S. food supply, including GMOs.


  1. Read the book! The first 25 people who registered for our event on Facebook have already been mailed free copies of “The Unhealthy Truth”. You can also click here to purchase online, or find “The Unhealthy Truth” at your local book store.
  2. Between now and August 20th, Non-GMO Project Facebook users can use “The Unhealthy Truth” discussion tab on our Facebook page to start discussing the book and posting questions.
  3. On August 20th at 11 am PDT, log in to “The Unhealthy Truth” discussion tab for an hour of live chat with author Robyn O’Brien. Robyn will answer your questions and respond to comments. It will be a fantastic opportunity to get more details straight from the source about some of the fascinating information in “The Unhealthy Truth.” Participants will also have a chance to learn more about Robyn’s AllergyKids Foundation.

The series will continue on September 20th with Jeffrey Smith and “Genetic Roulette,” and on October 20th with Andrew Kimbrell and “Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food.” All book club events will be from 11 am PDT to 12 pm PDT. Please email with any questions.