New GMO Soy Variety Enters the Supply Chain

It has come to the Non-GMO Project’s attention that a producer of soy and soybean oil (Calyxt) is entering into contracts to sell a new high-oleic acid soybean variety developed with the gene editing technique TALEN. Though this TALEN soy variety does not contain transgenes in the finished product, it was developed using biotechnology and is therefore a GMO. Products made with this soy are not eligible for Verification under the Non-GMO Project Standard. The Project will be ensuring compliance through legally-binding affidavits.

The Project’s definition of GMO aligns with the one used by Codex Alimentarius, which is the most authoritative international definition for biotechnology. This definition encompasses new techniques such as gene-editing and aligns with a recent ruling by the highest court in the European Union that the products of such techniques are GMOs and are subject to the EU GMO Directive.

As products of biotechnology continue to enter the market at an accelerated rate and with virtually no regulation, the Non-GMO Project will continue to lead the way in addressing the supply chain risks from new GMOs and preserving non-GMO choices for the public.