MSNBC takes notice of the Non-GMO Project

MSNBC’s June 21st 2010 article, “Marketing Push Targets Bioengineered Food,” sheds light on the debate over genetically modified (GM) crops. The article addresses both sides of the GM debate, mentioning the insertion of genes to enable plants to self-produce herbicide and insecticide while addressing health concerns that have been raised.

The article also highlights the gaps in consumer awareness when it comes to the prevalence of GMO. MSNBC cites that, when asked, 82% of consumers could not think of any additional information they would like to see food labels. However 70-90% of consumers responded that food containing GM ingredients should be labeled so. The article goes on to describe GMO labeling as both a means of raising consumer awareness and a marketing tool.

The Non-GMO Project is described as an independent actor, testing ingredients and certifying products with the “Non-GMO Project” label, and the piece includes comments from Nature’s Path Foods, Inc., one of the the Non-GMO Project’s founding members.

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