Meet a Supporting Retailer!

NorthCoastCoop_Arcata_CA_13.141811Across North America, retailers that sell Non-GMO Project Verified products are playing a huge role in the non-GMO movement.

Teaming up with retailers that support the mission of the Non-GMO Project is central to the work we do. Once products earn Non-GMO Project Verification, we work to make sure shoppers know what the seal means and why choosing non-GMO is important. Small independent natural food retailers and co-ops helped found the Non-GMO Project. Nowadays, all types of retailers—independents, co-ops and conventional grocers—are bringing non-GMO choices to their customers. Here we will highlight some of the awesome stores we love to partner with through our Supporting Retailer Program and our annual October event, Non-GMO Month!

Spotlight for June is on:

North Coast Co-op

Since 1973, the North Coast Co-op has been a member-owned food cooperative with two full-service grocery stores in Arcata and Eureka, CA. They operate a production bakery and deli using healthul, local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

With all of North Coast’s active involvement, from store policy to community outreach, we felt compelled to share their non-GMO story.

What inspires the team at North Coast Co-op?

“We recognize that our members are concerned about the potential negative health and environmental effects of GMOs.

Our members expect to find products without GMOs and we are endeavoring to meet that expectation. In addition, we feel we can strongly influence vendors and regulatory agencies to label GMOs if we band together with other co‐ops.”

What inspires us about North Coast Co-op?

North Coast has demonstrated their commitment to GMO alternatives through the products they sell and their creative outreach during Non-GMO Month and beyond.

As their policy states, “We are no longer knowingly accepting NEW non‐organic products that include GMO high‐risk items in their ingredient list, unless they are verified by The Non‐GMO Project.”  North Coast does not stop there, they are also working to ensure that all Co‐op private label products—not just new products—are free from high risk ingredients.

Read the store’s GMO policy!

The folks at North Coast also make their non-GMO efforts look fun. Not only did they inspire us with thier winning endcap design in 2013, they produced seven radio ads to share their non-GMO message during the run-up to October’s Non-GMO Month.  They call out Non-GMO Project verified products on their shelves, as well as in their sales flyer. They even promote their Non-GMO Month participation on thier register screens and newspaper ads.

North Coast sets a shining example for co-ops to demonstrate responsibilty in their product sourcing, and they help customers make informed decisions. Many thanks for all their hard work!

Up next month: Dean’s Natural Market