Maria & Ricardo’s Tortillas receive Non-GMO Verification


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All-natural tortilla maker, Maria & Ricardo’s Tortilla Factory adds Non-GMO to their growing list of benefits

Canton, Massachusetts (August 4, 2010) – Maria & Ricardo’s Tortilla Factory, manufacturer of premium all natural and organic tortillas, has recently become Non-GMO Project Verified for both its retail and food service product lines. Later this year Maria & Ricardo’s packaging will feature the Non-GMO Project Seal, making it easy for the consumer to identify these products as Non-GMO Project verified.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit collaboration of natural and organic industry leaders, which offers North America’s only independent verification for products created according to GMO avoidance best practices. GMOs are genetically modified organisms that have been created through genetic engineering, allowing DNA from one species into another species, creating genes that do not occur in nature.

The Project was conceived of by retailers who recognized consumers’ desire for products that used natural, non-GMO ingredients. Prior to the Non-GMO Project, there was no uniformity in non-GMO labeling claims. The Project’s claim offers a statement stating simply that the product in question has been “verified” by the Project. The verification assures that a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance, including testing of risk ingredients.

“From the beginning we have always been committed to making all natural corn & flour products. We’ve always made every attempt to maintain a leadership role in the industry, and provide products that are consistent with our brand and the needs of our consumers,” says Thomas Stacey, Vice President of Sales for Maria & Ricardo’s. “The greatest challenge of becoming a Non-GMO Project verified manufacturer was in the sourcing of ingredients; not only did they need to live up to the Non-GMO Project’s standard for GMO avoidance, but also the ingredients needed to meet our expectations of quality and performance with an end result that our customers can count on and trust.”

Since 1986, Maria & Ricardo’s Tortilla Factory has known nothing but all natural and organic tortillas. Through using the finest quality, most wholesome ingredients and exceeding baking industry standards, Maria & Ricardo’s is committed to creating products that are just as nutritious as they are delicious. Visit or for more information.