Local Social Good Start-Up, Peaceful Fruits is now Non-GMO Project Verified

Peaceful Fruits is proud to announce that their entire line of Save-the-World Fruit Leather Snacks is now Non-GMO Project Verified. The mission of Peaceful Fruits is to create a delicious, healthy, ethically sourced snack made from wholesome ingredients and nothing but. As such, Peaceful Fruits highly values transparency and accountability, so consumers know exactly what they’re eating. Peaceful Fruits is committed to natural, sustainable ingredients and was proud to achieve USDA Organic certification in 2017. Now the company is going one step further so consumers can tell at a glance what goes into their food, partnering with the Non-GMO Project for complete transparency. Founder and CEO, Evan Delahanty, remarks “Peaceful Fruits is all about authenticity. We want our customers to know that our fruit comes straight from Mother Nature.”

The company is working to increase awareness of transparently sourced products and pave the path for social enterprises to come. Peaceful Fruits is committed to minimal processing and creating snacks that are in line with the way Mother Nature intended: simple, sustainable, and delicious.

Peaceful Fruits believes it is the responsibility of food companies to do the right thing for farmers, employees, and customers. The company also believes it is integral to support and join causes that increase customer trust. Therefore, Peaceful Fruits has chosen to enroll all of their products in the Non-GMO Project verification program.

About Peaceful Fruits:

Peaceful Fruits is an Akron-based Fruit Snack company that promotes delicious, but still healthy, food choices. With origins rooted in the Peace Corps, Peaceful Fruits supports eco-friendly development for communities in the Amazon Rainforest, through their ethically sourced fruit. They also work to give back to their hometown of Akron, Ohio by providing jobs for people from underserved populations in Northeast Ohio. Peaceful Fruits partners with the Blick Center  to employ individuals with disabilities in Akron to produce their fruit snacks.

For more information visit us at www.peacefulfruits.com and follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

About the Non-GMO Project

The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices.



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