Living Naturally Collaborates with Non-GMO Project

Non-GMO Project Verified ordering made easier for retailers

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Living Naturally has partnered with the Non-GMO Project to give retailers and consumers one-click access to lists of Non-GMO Project Verified items, allowing them the opportunity to make fully informed decisions through the BuyingGenius procurement system and WebGenius e-commerce tool.

This feature helps buyers find and choose products that have been Non-GMO Project Verified, an assurance that a product is produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance. As a result, retailers can help empower shoppers to make informed decisions regarding what ends up on their families’ plates.

“We have the unique ability to leverage our technology solutions in order to ensure smarter ordering decisions. The best way for us to utilize our resources is by giving Non-GMO Project Verified items their own category in BuyingGenius,” said Dan Clarke, CEO of Living Naturally. “This relationship represents perfect synergy of our technological solutions and the Non-GMO Project’s great cause.”

The two organizations celebrated this new partnership at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore on September 28, with an annual reception to highlight the beginning of Non-GMO Month.

“Living Naturally is helping retailers provide choices to their shoppers,” said Retailer Programs Manager Chris Keefe. “We’re excited to partner with an industry innovator like Living Naturally, which is enabling retailers to make confident buying decisions based on the Non-GMO Project Verified status of products.”

Later this year, Living Naturally will provide the same type of sorting for its consumer-facing websites, and online shoppers will have the opportunity to filter options and select Non-GMO Project Verified items.

Learn more about ordering Non-GMO Project Verified products on BuyingGenius, or to learn how to boost your e-commerce offering with non-GMO flagging with WebGenius.

About Living Naturally: Living Naturally is a leading provider of technology and marketing solutions for retailers and suppliers in the natural products, specialty grocery and independent pharmacy sectors. The company develops and markets a suite of online and mobile programs under the Genius brand, to enhance the productivity and marketing capabilities of retailers and suppliers. Since its founding in 1999, Living Naturally has gained more than 3,500 retail customers, 20,000 major industry brands and currently processes more than $5 billion in commerce annually. Learn more at

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