Living Harvest Foods Joins the Non-GMO Project

Inspiring healthy eating and sustainable choices with hemp


Portland, OR (July 7, 2010) — Living Harvest Foods announces a strategic partnership with the Non-GMO project, reinforcing the company’s longstanding commitment to sustainable farming and healthy eating with hemp.

Launched in 2008, the Non GMO Project is a non-profit collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, farmers and consumers in the North American organic and natural product industry. With a shared belief that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether to consume genetically modified products, Living Harvest is thrilled that consumers will now have even more information to make educated, good choices about what to eat.

Hans Fastre, CEO of Living Harvest Foods, explains, “Now more than ever, we feel an incredible responsibility to educate consumers about the goodness of hemp. Naturally prolific, non-GMO and pesticide-free, hemp is one of the most sustainable agricultural crops around; and until now, hemp has been largely misunderstood.”

While hemp food products are in growing demand by US consumers, hemp is still not yet legal to grow in the United States and has been widely misunderstood. Hemp has no drug value and has a long list of incredible attributes:
Why Hemp?
• ESSENTIAL NUTRITION: Hemp is one of the densest sources of nutrition and nearly two-thirds of its nutrients are essential.
• QUALITY, PROTEIN: Hemp is one of the best sources of quality, easily digestible plant-based protein. Hemp contains all 10 essential amino acids.
• GOOD FATS: Hemp is rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3, in the balanced 3:1 ratio nature intended. 92% of the fat content in Tempt™ Hempmilk is Omega Essential Fatty Acids.
• ALLERGEN FREE: Unlike soy, rice, almond, wheat and dairy, hemp has no known allergens.
• SUSTAINABLE: Hemp is grown without pesticides, does not deplete the soil of nutrients as many crops do, and requires little water to grow.

According to the USDA, in 2007, 91% of soy, 87% of cotton, and 73% of corn grown in the U.S. were GMO. As a result, it is estimated that GMOs are now present in more than 80% of products in the average U.S. grocery store.

In 30 other countries around the world, including Australia, Japan and the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs, because they are not considered proven safe. In the US, however, that is still not the case. Fortunately with hemp, GMO is a non-issue.

Dan Warner, Operations Director for Living Harvest Foods explains, “Our partnership with Canadian farmers is solidly grounded in sustainable farming practices. Fortunately hemp is naturally pest-resistant, hardy, and grows prolifically in a variety of climates and conditions. We are committed to responsible farming, no-till and quite honestly, doing the right thing.”

Living Harvest Foods believes that US farmers should be allowed to grow hemp and actively supports efforts to bring hemp farming back to the US. For more information on Living Harvest and Tempt products, call 888.690.3958 or visit

About Living Harvest Foods and Tempt™ products

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Living Harvest Foods is the global leader in hemp food products, including Tempt™ hemp milk, frozen dessert and protein powder. An early pioneer of industrial hemp farming and an active advocate of hemp legalization, Living Harvest is committed to bringing the goodness of hemp to everyone.

Sustainable, non-dairy and gluten-free, industrial hemp is packed with nutrients and rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most valuable sources of quality plant-based protein. It’s also a rich source of Omegas, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal alternative for vegetarians and anyone with allergies to soy and dairy.

Tempt™ products are available at over 4,000 leading natural foods and grocery stores nationwide. To learn more or to find a dealer, call 888.690.3958 or visit