Life is a Cabaret

From Non-GMO Month Guest Blogger, Jeanne Blackwell AKA “Mom”, co-author of Hole in the Fence (


Prize in a Cracker Jack box, quite the cabaret for kids of all ages. Never know what you are going to get and always excited to find out.

I like a little cabaret with my Mongolian barbecue and for sure a couple of Velvet Hammers will get me dancing on a table top at the Lemon Tree.

What is not fun is Aspic, sometimes called cabaret, or eating fish sperm in my tomatoes, firefly larvae in my corn, or boobies in my rice. That is just weird and disgusting to me but apparently some people like it and that is why they make that stuff.

All I am saying is that Eating, Drinking and being Merry is what makes life worth living. So, the next time I go to buy some Cracker Jacks, tomatoes, corn,  rice, or pork chops, I want to see,  on the label,  if there is a disgusting surprise inside. If it says NON-GMO  on the label then no icky surprises.

Some people don’t care one way or the other about labeling the ingredients. That’s fine. The problem is I care a lot and need to know.

What is happening  is: There is a campaign to label all NON-GMO’s products for all those people, like myself, who don’t like disgusting, icky surprises in their food products.   That works for me. I know it would make a lot more sense to label the stuff  WITH GMO’s but that kind of labeling pissed off the “I don’t care what I eat.” people.  So, what we have are labels that tell us what we are  getting. We are getting a NON-GMO product.  If you care about labeling give these guys a look see.

Bon appetite

(Note: I endorse this project because I like it. It is not an advertisement and I get no kickbacks.)

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