Just say NO to GMO

From Non-GMO Month guest contributor Dr. Gayle Eversole, writer of the Natural Health News Blog (naturalhealthnews.blogspot.com)


Time goes by so very quickly it often seems amazing that so many topics I have written or taught about for more than a decade and more are being written about as if they were new concepts.

Genetic modification of food (GMO) is on of those topics.

I am glad to see more awareness but I still feel as if not enough people clearly understand this issue.

First of all, it has been clearly established that GMO foods cannot feed the multitudes, regardless of what the media is reporting.

Other concerns involve the alteration of the lining of your gastrointestinal system, and no one knows what can come of this, ten years or more in the future.

We do know, however, that using specific herbicides and pesticides in commercial agriculture has, during this time, led to failed crops, over growth of weeds, and what perhaps is one of the largest cover-ups in agriculture.

Each new article I read really raises the hair on the back of my neck.  It should do the same to you.

As I write this I think how the FDA plans to review whether or not to allow for GMO fish.  If this isn’t bad enough, because we know farm-raised fish will raise cholesterol levels and is often found to be contaminated with killer chemicals, we are in the ‘no label zone’.

Imagine not knowing what your food is, and what is in it, or how it is fed as it is grown.

This is a tough one for me because I was raised on farm fresh food from the Amish in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and South Jersey shore truck farms in summer.

This past week I was in town, a 40 mile one-way drive from my rural home.  I shop in a supermarket that does not have loyalty cards and has a health-oriented food section.

I was walking down the aisles looking to see if there were items I needed, finding just a few.   The new manager stopped to ask if I needed help and I mentioned I had been around the natural market place since the 1950s.

He looked at me a bit oddly.  I replied that most people think of me as a walking encyclopedia, so he was free to ask me any questions.

We were on the aisle with what used to be a great brand, Walnut Acres. Since I grew up in Pennsylvania, I knew Walnut Acres from the old time when it was not corporate owned.  I mentioned it surely wasn’t the same quality today.

Annie’s was also on the same row and I mentioned that most of the dressings were made with canola oil; a liver toxic oil.  And I told him too that I had just learned that Annie’s macaroni and cheese now had a GMO ingredient

I noticed he had to get back to work, so as he walked away I mentioned that it was disappointing that there were so few products I buy, even from the health food store, because of corporate ownership.

And so here we are.

If you are new to the food issues of today, I suggest you do every thing you can to get educated and learn how to be more discerning in what food you buy for yourself or your family.

I also suggest that you learn more about the flood of genetically modified food and food ingredients.

You know that while General Mills is pushing whole grain cereal, their whole grain is sourced from GMO grain. However it is just a bad for so-called health brand cereal to be on sugar overload.

Soy oil, canola oil, and so many other ingredients are GMO, and it is difficult to add time to shopping to allow for label reading.  But, you must be the first line of defense!

Your health depends on it.