Join us in taking the Non-GMO Challenge

You may already realize how critical a non-GMO diet is to the health of our planet—if so, good for you! Or you may be new to this issue and just starting to learn about all of the ways that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) threaten our soil, water, animals, insects and ecosystem at large. Either way, here at the Non-GMO Project we want to help you deepen your commitment to a non-GMO future. That’s why we created the Non-GMO Challenge for Earth Month. The Challenge is an action-oriented platform that offers education, inspiration and rewards for choosing non-GMO, whether it’s for one meal or for the entire month. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing some of the ways that Non-GMO Project staff are stepping up for the Non-GMO Challenge. We hope you’ll join us!

Megan and her husband Noah making a risk-free alternative to restaurant french fries: plantains fried in coconut oil.

From Megan Westgate, Executive Director:

Since launching the Non-GMO Project over 5 years ago, I have been privileged to learn an enormous amount about how our food is produced and where GMO risks exist. When we were just getting started, before we had Non-GMO Project Verified foods, I pretty much stopped buying products with corn, soy or canola as major ingredients. I had learned enough to know that, without testing, it was impossible to trust that those foods were not GMO. As a young woman who’s looking forward to having kids, I am adamant about opting out of the GMO experiment. That’s a choice I make for my health and the health of my unborn children, but also for the health of the planet. I want my kids to inherent an Earth where they can grow safe, healthy food and experience the magic of the natural world, without contamination.

Now that we have thousands of Non-GMO Project Verified products, choosing a non-GMO lifestyle has gotten a lot easier. While I have one of the cleanest pantries you’ll find (everything is certified organic or from our organic backyard garden, and any GMO-risk products are also Non-GMO Project Verified), I’ll admit I’m not perfect. Here’s my secret: I love french fries. When we make oven fries at home, we use organic olive oil, but in restaurants chances are good that those delicious little crispy things are coming out of a deep fryer filled with veggie oils with a high risk of being GMO (corn, soy, canola, even cottonseed). For the Non-GMO Challenge, I am going to strictly avoid restaurant french fries, and anything else on the fryolator menu. In fact, because I don’t eat out much (and because I tend to be an over-achiever : ), I may keep it up for the whole year. But I’ll start with Earth Month. I look forward to hearing what you’ll do for the Non-GMO Challenge!

Tomorrow: Hear from Outreach Coordinator Chris Keefe about avoiding GMOs while living an active outdoor lifestyle.